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  1. 1. Did you get yours yet? When? (post date and zip code)

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I got the January/February issue Monday, Feb 9, 2009. It is a keeper as always.


There has been some discussion of when we are getting these. It would be nice to know how well USPS is doing. so here is my informal pole:


Did you get yours yet? Please add in post: When (date)? Zip code, full or first three digits?


PS My zip = 61019

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I think it would also help if we know the city or zip code (just the first 3 digits is enough) you live in. This may help figure out if there are pockets of areas where substantial delays exist



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No I didn't get mine yet. I just about a week or maybe two weeks ago got the Nov/Dec. issue.

Gary- where do you reside? I had the same experience and am in 61254 Geneseo IL.


Note- sharing your home town can be hard to determine as none of us have the whole state memorized. The 1st 3 digits or whole zip code will make it easy to identify areas of the state

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Our little P.O. in Davis is way ahead of the pack with delivery on the 9th. So far, no one has tied much less beat that.


But the race is still on.

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Was on vacation last week, so cannot determine exactly what day my copy arrived. That said, it was included in the week's mail that the post office delivered upon our return on Saturday.

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