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  1. When the mop flies were the rage a few years ago I never thought of using the material on a popper. I would have to say that, even though I read a lot of articles, this is the first mop popper I have seen. Thanks for posting it.
  2. Bob Clouser prefers a full sink line. Sink tip is a highly specialized line. If you do not have one. get a full sink first.
  3. Rich, Could a tail like this be made out of silicon sheet material?
  4. Rob probably already has a punch for these.
  5. Thanks Rich https://rusuperfly.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=18&products_id=347 Where can we get white suede?
  6. Great start. Good to see out of the box thinking-. Hooks I suppose are personal choice. That said, I will go with my favorite 2/0 Umqua U505 when I copy your fly.
  7. Pattern below the lateral line suggests it could be a Spotted Bass. Teeth on the tongue would be a clue also. The usual range for Spots is south of St Louis. But given the warmer climate conditions, they could easily move north.
  8. Pends on the plastic. Many ZMan plastics are buoyant and will tail up behind most jigs. Mushroom head jigs are supposed to do that too, but a non-buoyant plastic bait will flop over flat after the jig is on the bottom for a while.
  9. Two big brands should be commended for taking the long view on the environment. https://www.hatchmag.com/articles/iconic-outdoor-brands-patagonia-and-columbia-support-lawsuit/7715043
  10. The winner is Rob with two suggestions. He will receive a Flathead (Blockhead variation) Popper and a kit to make his own Flathead. Second prize goes to rich who will receive two yards of satin ribbon in Kelly Galloup Rootbeer. Watch your mail.
  11. Yep, Any old ski pole will do. The hoop on the bottom doubles as a lure retriever.
  12. A little history here. Long ago a lot of reports featured Mann's 1/4 oz One Minus, Autumn color. Then the Lucky Craft Pointer became the rage. That was replaced by the Swim Jig /swim bait combo. Come summer buzz baits, preferably $$, will begin to show up along with the $$ Wopper Plopper. For colors remember Buck sed, "If you have a favorite color use it."
  13. So far the contestants are tied in a "dead" heat. The rules allow the contestants to elaborate or add more uses for the hair in question. I also have some insights to add. Based on them I might award yhe prize to me.
  14. Funny that. I have brown satin ribbon. Can you use that.
  15. Just curious, what do you use the brown hair for.?You know what I mean, that brown band that runs down the center of undied white bucktail or the dark hair that occurres on died tails. I haven't figured that out. Make it a contest. Submit your suggestion in writing, or pictures or both formats. The winner TBD by me will win a prize TBD by me. Lets uuse our idle Covid time productively. Deadline April 30, 2020.
  16. PS Don't be afraid of the dragon tails. rich sent me some samples to photo. DragonTails by Michael , on Flickr I later used them for tails of articulated Brammer style streamers. shankdragons1 by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr Is the 9 incher a fly or a lure. When wet it weighs a full 1/2 ounce. Cast that on your 3 WT!
  17. Big Bump Did Bob speak at the Early Show.? If he had any handouts, I would like to get a copy of them. Please. I have the handout he passed at a fly show in Schaumberg 15 years ago. It covered his new approach to river Smallmouth fly fishing between May and October. I remember 4 big points: 1 Smallmouth Bass are not trout. Adjust. 2. Fish the magic waters. 2-4 ft deep. 3. Fish downstream 90% of the time. 4. Make Short casts 30 ft or less. Plus many more details. I got Bob's permission to submit it to the Bulletin along with a preface he wrote. It didn't make the cut I guess. I will submit again.
  18. rich, Your right. Not being on the pro circuit like you, I missed that. I am still interested in hearing about the rods though. I know Craig uses the Sage Smallmouth all the time on Mille Lacs.
  19. Background: Long ago I developed my stroke using rods 7.5 to 8 ft long. I am comfy with 9, but my body memory craves something shorter. So. The Sage 7/11s at $$$ have been followed by lower priced 7/11s - St Croix Mojos $150 and White River Heats $100. Does anyone have any experience with these two offerings?
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