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  2. Never tried this bait, but looks super realistic when worked like that guy is doing it.
  3. Wondered if anyone has tried it. Their lures are a bit on the "novelty" side, but I buy one on occasion. Their marketing suckers me in! https://chasebaitsusa.com/products/the-mudbug
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  5. Thanks Ben! I've done a good amount of SW Wisconsin Trout fishing. My parents live in the area, so I'm lucky there. But I agree, I'm quickly falling for the smallies!
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  7. been using the revolver lure th last few days. basically the sound isvery close to the plopper. it does have the rattle but does have nice hooks. having the prop in the middle takes away trying to walk the dog retrieve. i like the flatter tail as it does roll as much when itgets hit,more hook ups. makes me wonder if adding some silicone to the tail section of a zara spook willaid in walking it?
  8. The original Boogerman lure is available. Please contact if interested. The company never went out of business. My mother passed and our family has decided to return to the market. Feel free to text 618-694-7030.
  9. Hi Colin welcome aboard, what fly/lures are you using for the largemouth? Thanks for the report!
  10. Good question @Terry Dodge. I had the same question. Thanks for the answers!
  11. Hello everyone I am Colin Danenberger . I live in central IL and caght 6 largemouth this year already. Some on the fly and others useing a spining rod. Cant wait to head to the creeks and rivers and target smallmouth and carp on the fly.
  12. Hope everyone has good Easter Sunday.  Glad to be outside catching fish.

  13. i actually think its a tackle bs sales pitch. having thrown live cicadas on ponds and not have bass or gills hit them. just use what works every summmer.
  14. Well if there is a bunch of cicadas around may just jam one through a bare 2/0 hook and toss it into an eddy with a UL rod. Mono leader.
  15. St. Croix is fighting to fill all the stores with their rods after most stores we’re shutdown last year. Jeff speaks very highly of Chippewa River rods.
  16. I agree with Kev. A tiny-torpedo in black or a black/orange combo would probably work well. I would darken the jitterbug lip with a black marker. May not make a dif with smallmouth, as they are so aggressive anyway, but a big old carp may be turned away by the silver lip.
  17. Courtesy of the very talented Mike Cusack. Look, it's Bart !
  18. These look really nice. Why "Chippewa River" ?
  19. No proof required. You should have a mask on your person just to be safe.
  20. I hike and carry too much gear as it is front pack and backpack. But if i have a stupid river crossing or sketchy section i just look for a stout branch. Test if first make sure it doesnt break. Something caveman cool about using a big ass stick as a staff. When done toss it down and reuse on the way back. If you want you can use a heavy beast and it really plants good in the water.
  21. Do I have to show vaccination card and ID proof? Since I listen to music on my bluetooth speaker when I float I have caveat no Cheap Trick requests.
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