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  2. And you might not get your knees wet.
  3. Probably good thing you missed it Rich with the hack that occurred. The Dupage headwaters previously underwent multi million dollar Superfund restoration project from headwaters down to McDowell Woods. The East Branch was not part of that project.
  4. I think they are already in there. For whatever reason have not spread. Could be wrong about that. Might be taking the dams down due to safety.
  5. You planning on living in a van down by the river!?
  6. We had near perfect weather and a great turnout for Saturday's water willow planting on the DuPage River near the Warrenville Road Bridge in Warrenville. We planted over 600 native water plants along both shores of the river in an area upstream and downstream of the bridge. Following the planting all participants joined together at Al's Pizza for a well deserved meal and social gathering. This planting was somewhat special in that it is the last planting that Jessie DiMartini will preside over as she is retiring after many years with the Dupage County Urban Stream project. Many thanks to Jessie for your help on Saturday and for all the volunteer work you helped us with over the years. We plan to honor Jessie's service and retirement at an upcoming ISA event in the near future Thank you John Lobach for putting this together and to all the ISA volunteers and friends that showed up on Saturday to do this arduous but significant work!
  7. Looking for a decent older van that’s been converted into a sleeper van. Thanks for any info. Terry
  8. I've seen those signs also, didn't investigate tho. Mixed feelings on that one. Is there an asian carp presence below the dam? If so is the dam helping to keep them from moving upstream?
  9. There must be talk about dam removal in Wilmington. Signs everywhere "Save the Dam". Looks like there are articles on line- require subscription.
  10. Last week
  11. Yep have to add more to the menu
  12. I wear cotton brown gloves. I'll have nytril gloves if you want to try to keep dry wear them under cotton gloves. Or wear none I plant & garden without all the time.
  13. Congrats! Try adding white bugger, yellow bugger and Autumn Splendor to your fly repertoire..
  14. The first of many I’m sure. Congrats.
  15. Hi John, I plan on coming Saturday morning to help. What kind of gloves to you recommend ? Don Zahrobsky 630/853-5959
  16. Congrats! They sure are fun on a fly rod. Gotta love a cone head woolly bugger. Nice fishing.
  17. Finally got my first fox smallie on the fly! #4 black cone head woolly bugger was the trick today. I was huckin top water meat earlier, but got nothing. Sized way down with the bugger and that did it. Was fishing a 7wt if anyone cares. May bring out the 5wt in the next couple of days to try. Trying my best to not look fat in the pic…. Tight lines!
  18. I've floated from hwy 150 to mackinaw river fish and wildlife area a few times...
  19. I recently moved to Bloomington, Il and was wondering if anyone had some info on where to fish on the Mackinaw river in McLean County?
  20. Come help on Saturday 9/25/21 Start time 9am as we plant 600 plants on the west branch Dupage at Warrenville. Bring gloves & waders. We are working with Jesse Demartini FPDDC & head of the Urban stream research center at Blackwell. Plants are native streamside including: Rose mallow, lizard tail, water willow, sweet flag& blue flag iris. Lunch afterwards at the Town Tap. https://goo.gl/maps/T1xuqGL4VAS68Q7Q7 John. The map on the link is Warrenville. Everyone can park along Second St. (2nd St.) which is east of the river and next to the Warrenville Museum and Historical WarrenTavern. We will be planting along the east and west sides of the river upstream of the Warrenville bridge and also downstream of the bridge in various areas. Ill meet you there ( by the museum building) around 8:45am and we can transfer the plants and other items (water, gloves, etc.)into my truck. I will then drive the truck along the trail closer to the river with the equipment ( dibble bars, etc. ) and plants. When done, maybe we can have a bite to eat at the Town Tap... Jess Post or pm me if you can help. We will have lunch afterwards. This should be an easy one, cool temps & low water levels. Bring waders & gloves.
  21. Earlier
  22. i wasnt able to try and watch it . any stream restoration is great. but why not headwaters first and work downstream. they did it on the west branch that way.
  23. The zoom meeting started off great with introduction of all participants, and meeting began when zoom meeting was hacked into and had to be suspended. First time that this has happened for me. Initial information provided before unfortunate interruption indicates that between 4 -5 million dollars will be available in funding for the project. The target area for the restoration will be from just north of Royce Road downstream to Weber road. The engineering teams hired for the project are Interfluve and AECOM, with projected completion date of 12/31/23. This is all the information revealed before the interruption. I hope to have the rescheduled meeting information soon and will post here.
  24. I was there before it had to be...restarted. Any chance the recording of the proper meeting will be posted here?
  25. Don't forget the zoom kickoff meeting at noon today for the Lower East Branch DuPage River Stream Restoration Project. Hopefully you can attend, here is the link for the zoom meeting: : Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86963057239?pwd=QVB1cnpyd0g5QzlhSGdWRWxRdDZrdz09
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