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  2. Thanks for all your help over the years and recently. Dan Basore
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  4. Happy & healthy thanksgiving to all. Warmish tomorrow anyone fishing BronzeFriday?
  5. I would like to add my Thanksgiving wishes to everyone also Please stay safe
  6. I just want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Be safe and stay healthy friends!
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  8. Welcome aboard Ryan! In addition to what Kevin mentioned, Tim Holschlag has another excellent book entitled "Smallmouth Fly Fishing, The Best Techniques, Flies and Destinations" Another great resource is Bob Clouser's "Fly Fishing for Smallmouth in Rivers and Streams" Lots of great reading resources to get you through this Pandemic winter and prepared for spring fishing!
  9. you could also look back on past posts on this site and others here's a book that has been mentioned before; Stream Smallmouth Fishing - Book by Tim Holschlag
  10. Thanks Terry. Very entertaining.
  11. Yes shallow small creeks empty out of large fish as it cools. longer smaller rivers like the Dupe or vermillion will have most fish in a few deep slow pools. remember that crap plants release warmer water & that can hold fish in an area.
  12. Hey everyone, I have been out fishing the Dupe and some of the Fox River Creeks this fall/winter and have not been catching many fish these last few outings as the weather has gotten colder. Additionally, I have seen a lot less movement of smallmouth and other fish that I typically see when wading. I was wondering if anyone had any insight into the behavior of how the smallmouth that inhabit these small waterways (Dupage and Fox creeks). For example, do these fish migrate to deeper water in the main river if they spend the spring and summer months in the creek? Thanks!
  13. Ozark Smallmouth Alliance shared this little half hour film on their Facebook Page. It was filmed in 1966 and features the smallmouth bass. This is an absolute gem! Enjoy...
  14. best info on illinois smallmouth has been in our bronzeback bulletin we have had great articles by jonn graham on the float n fly, paul trybul on jerkbaits.as well as local fly patterns .
  15. For a fly fishing book I would start here https://shop.tightlinesflyshop.com/smallmouth-modern-fly-fishing-methods-tactics-and.html I’m still writing the book on Illinois smallmouth fishing. Hope to get a new box of Crayons for Christmas.
  16. Hey all, Anyone know any books focused on Illinois smallmouth fishing? Or fly fishing in Illinois? Thanks! Ryan
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  18. Ed sorry to hear this but totally understand. It is one of the better attended events for the ISA. This Covid-19 thing is really starting to get old. Stay safe and healthy everyone!
  19. Due to the current covid 19 pandemic issues we will not be able to have our annual pizza party this year. Hopefully this too shall eventually pass and we will be able to resume our normal activities in the coming year. In the meantime please stay safe
  20. Hey Mark! Thanks for the response. I'm hopeful to get out 1 or 2 more times this year (if my legs aren't too cold) to check out some new spots. Let's hope its over in 2021. Looking forward to meeting you all. Best, Ryan
  21. Welcome aboard the Bronzeback Express! Looking forward already to get out next season already. I am hoping the COVID crap will be concluded and we can set up some events this coming year.
  22. Yeah, little things, like the clean air and water act. and defining waters of the US.
  23. that awesome news! there are more dam removals planned up by us at carpentersville dam as well.
  24. Happy Veterans Day Vets. Thank you for your service!
  25. I 2nd Frank's thoughts. Thank you Terry.
  26. I just want to thank all the Veterans for their service in protecting our country. Thank you and God Bless!
  27. Terry and Paul, Thanks for the welcome. Exploring and finding new spots is half the reward! Look forward to learning from the other fly fisherman in the club. Its been a lot of fun but challenging to learn. Maybe I will see you out there!
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