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  1. The EPA and Illinois AG nailed the Jo Daviess factory farm during construction. They couldn't even follow what little rules this state has before getting a single pit dug. The group was forced to pull out. There is hope yet in this case.
  2. As I recall, one year we got screwed on the thickness of the signs and they were all way too thin. This one was not too thin. Scott fixed that problem.
  3. Several years ago, Tim Smith and I went to the Deselm parking area, and found our 4×6 timber with signs on it ripped out of the ground and thrown in the forest nearby. I dug that hole 3 feet deep. Amazing the lengths somebody went to for that one.
  4. There is a state sign at the mouth of Rock Creek with fishing regs and limits. I saw no yellow signs left on the wooden sign posts. At least not where I was.
  5. I hadn't been to the state park in a very long time, which is surprising considering it's 10 minutes from my house. I just wanted everybody to enjoy a moment of silence for the signs that Dale Bowman and I installed back in 2004 at the head of Rock Creek trail. Maybe 16 years is long enough. It served the smallies well for a long time. This is why we can't have nice shit anymore. I would have replaced them, but to be honest I have one conservation white sign left and I'm keeping it for nostalgic purposes. Out of the 30 to 40 signs we put up there over the years, I'd be surprised if a
  6. Nic Anderson of the ILDG is still sticking his nose in everything? The IDOA will invariably rubber stamp the project, but that is far from meaning it will actually happen.
  7. Kankakee River State Park you can't even find a parking spot today. Groups of 20 to 30 people grouped up in the grass. Nice. Say goodbye to that soon.
  8. The latest is somewhat stunning news. State parks and all IDNR managed properties are closed, along with your bars and restaurants. A brand new world.
  9. Wouldn't it be interesting to corral various people in the legislative and enforcement sectors for a town hall meeting type of thing to nail down some specifics. Give a power point with specific areas across the state and put the ball in their court. Laws regarding every other crime on the books is specific. We have a right to know that if we do "this", the consequence is "that".
  10. There is a piece of water just downstream of the Iroquois on the Kankakee that has "no trespassing" signs posted in the water. As if the entire little bayou there is off limits. You can float right into it from the river. Never understood what that is all about.
  11. As for trespassing, yes the law is that there needs to be a sign stating such, which can be at the main entrance or basically anywhere. Or.....if you are told to leave and do not.
  12. I was handing out permission cards to people at various ISA events some years ago. Had landowner info and everything. Not sure if they were IDNR issued though. I will look and see if I still have any laying around.
  13. I also remember something about being able to recreate up to the high water mark on navigable waters. Also, isn't the vicinity around bridge pilings considered to be owned by a state agency on any stream? Such as IDOT?
  14. Much of the confusion is due to land owners not being aware of the latest laws as they apply to people on their property. Secifically, the liability factor. Several years ago, the Recreational Use of Land and Water Areas Act in Illinois was worded in such a way that only included liability protections for a land owner for hunters and recreational shooting. All the wording related to fishing, hiking, conservation and any other activity was removed from the Act. We can thank trial attorney groups for that. When I attended Conservation Congress in Springfield, getting the other ac
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