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  1. I understand Illinois will be in Phase 5, and was told we can have as many volunteers as we like at the event. I'm out of the country with very little phone service until then, so I'll see you guys there on Saturday around 7:30. Thanks!
  2. I thought the same thing, Rich. I assume they don't follow the ISA forum here. I have no idea how to get ahold of either one of them, unfortunately.
  3. Illinois residents are left to fend for themselves where this is concerned. The ISA was actually an integral part of squashing the factory farm in Jo Daviess county. We didn't stop it, but we got the attention of the county board, who ultimately doesn't have the final say anyway. Illinois Ag rubber stamps every project. It was all about them blowing it during construction to get their permits pulled. The little things matter.
  4. I just wanted to add to this to say that I will need to know beforehand if any volunteers are going to show up on this day. To be honest, Rich and I can handle a hundred casters in around two hours time by ourselves, but if a couple more die-hard casting volunteers or newbies care to join us....comment here.
  5. Awesome work, and promising replies all-around. Would make a great article as well.
  6. After missing out on the opportunity to take kids fishing in 2020, STK is excited to get the kids back on the fish in 2021. "We are going to do a scaled down STK Fishing Day on June 19th for 100 kids at Herrick Lake. We are keeping our volunteers to a minimum, but wanted to know if 4 ISA members would be willing to manage two lanes or so of casting this year. We go from 9-11am. No crafts or lunch. Just the ISA casting and fishing around the lake." Whomever has the casting kit, myself and if we could get 2 more volunteers, that would be great!
  7. It's 2021, Rich. You can take a photo with your phone now, and it will post right to the forum from your phone. 🤣
  8. I'm wondering if American Rivers has explored the issue of bighead and silver carp being able to migrate more easily upstream as dams are removed. What was once a no-brainer in dam removals has other considerations that need to be taken into account.
  9. Ed “E.J.” Mullady, creator of The Sportsman’s Letter, passed away on Sunday at 94 years old. He spent more than half of those years dedicating himself to conservation causes in the Kankakee River region. The Sportsman’s Letter, which he created and distributed from his Riverview home in Kankakee, provided anglers and conservationists with vital information for more than 52 years. He broadcast more than 5,600 weekly “The Big Outdoors” fishing shows on WKAN radio, traveled the region giving seminars, and created and updated Kankakee River Fisherman’s Atlases for both the Illinois and Indiana sides of the river. He fought ardently to protect the environment and the beautiful natural resources in the Kankakee area and beyond. He’s an Illinois Outdoors Hall of Famer and the recipient of the Honor Roll Award from the Izaak Walton League of America as well as the Russel Sinclair News Media Award for conservation writing. This is a tremendous loss to his many loved ones, but also to environmental efforts. In his memory, please do your part to help continue his legacy now, when we need it more than ever.
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