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  1. I plan on coming out for this. Does someone have a spot in a boat for me?
  2. Hello All! Thank you everyone for the well wishes and I apologize for missing this event. After 27 hours of frustration I was released from the hospital and told I was not suffering from a heart attach(which I pretty much knew when I went in). Unfortunately that is all I know, I am still having abdominal pain and will be following up as an outpatient this week to try and determine a cause. For some reason the hospital was unable to do any sort of test or even address the issue while they had me locked up for the day, but I am sure they will have no trouble billing my insurance company for my stay in the cardiac unit. Thank you to all the volunteers that helped make this event a success in my absence.
  3. I believe Tim C., John L. and myself plan on being at the VFW by 6am to get a little fishing in before hand. If we get much more than that, we can always send a group down river to Glenwood FP. Please join us and we will figure out the logistics as we go.
  4. I have located the planting shovels owned by Friends of the Fox and have made arrangements to pick them up Friday evening.
  5. I have been texting back and forth with Eugene, he is not sure if he can make it with his work schedule. Does someone else have access to a pond hopper? I would try and make arrangement to borrow Eugene's, but my boss is taking me on a charter out of Kenosha on Friday and I'm not sure what time I will be home Friday night.
  6. Bump! Lets get a roll call going for Saturday morning. We will plant rain or shine.
  7. Thanks Ed! John L. was going to reach out to him today as well. I contacted Country Road Greenhouses, the Batavia VFW and Friends of the Fox confirming this Saturday.
  8. BUMP! The river is coming down nicely and the forecast looks good for the week so we are going to move ahead with planting this Saturday 7/20 @ 8am. The forecast for Saturday looks wonderful with a temp around 80 degrees and some cloud cover. We will meet behind the Batavia VFW hall around 8:00am and work to get the plants in the ground as quick as possible. We will have lunch afterwards and some groups will most likely break off to get some fishing in. Members of DRIFT and the Friends of the Fox will be joining us as well. Please post here if you plan on attending. You can call me at 630-254-4144 or email: timmay723@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.
  9. With all the rain we have had, and rain in the forecast 5 out of the next 7 days we are going to postpone the water willow planting. We will try for 2 weeks out, Saturday July 20th. But please watch for updates as I reach out to all parties involved to set a new date.
  10. Glad to hear back from some people....here are a few benefits of volunteering for this event. Fishing - I plan to be on the river sometime between 5:30-6:00am that morning to get some early fishing in before we plant. Post a message here or PM if you want to meet up at one of the many access points in this area before we start. Also, there is usually a group that fishes after the planting, either on the Fox or other near by water. FREE LUNCH! Bob Rung - Bob works for the IDNR as a stream biologist and has studied and sampled many of rivers/streams in Illinois and has a wealth of knowledge he is usually willing to share. Bob is also an avid fisherman who spends a lot of his free time fishing different waters in Illinois and Wisconsin and loves to talk all things fishing. FREE LUNCH! The ISA does many things throughout the year in regards to conservation and education, but this event gets you directly involved in the process. Water willows provide habitat for many species small and large that live in the river, help protect shoreline from erosion and even provide food for some animals as deer will graze on the leaves and blossoms, while beavers and muskrats consume the rhizomes. Here is a bit of information I pulled from the Friends of the Fox website I found interesting. "A native plant of the Fox River, water willow colonies along the river were nearly eradicated by shoreline development. A few original colonies still exist along the less developed southern reaches of the river. Seeds and clippings from these colonies were used by Country Roads Greenhouses nursery in Rochelle to propagate the plants we use in our plantings ensuring that the water willows we plant come from original Fox River stock." Did I mention FREE LUNCH?
  11. Bump...Looking for some volunteers for this one.
  12. John L. and I joined Bob Rung from the IDNR last week to take a look at last years planting on the Fox River. Although we did find a nice row of plants, it seems like this years heavy rain may have washed out many of the plants we planted last year. We have decided we will once again plant the head of the island behind VFW Post 1197 in Batavia. We will meet at the following location @ 8am, Saturday July 6th. VFW Post 1197 645 River St. Batavia, IL 60510 This is an open event so please bring along anyone who you think will be interested, the more people in attendance the quicker we plant the 1000 plants and move on to lunch and some fishing. I recommend bringing waders and a pair of gloves, the ISA will provide the shovels, water and a light lunch. Please post here if you plan on attending and PM or email with any questions, I will respond as soon as possible. Thanks, Tim
  13. We had a total of 8 for this outing, with Jude cancelling Saturday morning after I called his house(instead of his cell, sorry Mrs. Jude!) @ 7:15am. It was tough day with a high sky and the fish sitting on beds. I believe we all still caught some fish, even if it was only some large gills, with Frank taking several fish 14"+. It was beautiful day out and we enjoyed the beginning of the Hawks game and some good food in the restaurant afterwards. Thanks to everyone who come out!
  14. Weather report is looking good as of right now....High 70's with some clouds, lets hope it stays that way!
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