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  1. Norm M

    New Books

    Mark I bought a second copy of the second book you listed to donate to the blowout .
  2. Scott Near the opening of this book he apolgizes for that talk , said it was too trout centric .
  3. 1 Smallmouth - Modern Flyfishing Methods , Tactics and Techniques by Dave Karczynski and Tim Landwehr . This is the new book that has the interview with Lefty and others . It also has a tips section with Austin Adduci and others . I liked it well enough that I bought a second copy to donate . 2 Pursuing River Smallmouth Bass by Ken Penrod 3 Hannons Field Guide for Bass Fishing by Doug Hannon 4 Fly Tying and Fly Fishing for Bass and Panfish by Tom Nixon Second Printing 1971 5 How Fish Work - Fish Biology and Angling by Thomas J Sholseth If Terry does not want any of the 3 books I offered him they will also be included . Scott About 15 years ago did we have a speaker named Tim Landwehr ? He spoke about Smallmouth , the Green Trout or some such If so he is one of the authors of the first book . Jude All these books have pictures .
  4. I have 3 books that you may be interested in in your role as Conservation Director , no charge for them . Critical Trends in Illinois Ecosystems pub by IDNR Creating Habitats and Homes for Illinois Wildlife pub by IDNR and U of I . A Natural History of the Chicago Region by Joel Greenberg Let me know .
  5. hopefully , it depends on when they do the operation to get the g tube and chemo port out of me . also pm me your address I think I need to re up on my dues .
  6. i have segment 1 sr 1 , the resovoir issue and the coping with cold fronts issues from the first 2 years of infisherman , plus book 25 and i believe book 39 in duplicate copies. i am thinking of including them in a donation for the blowout . would any one be interested , these are next to unobtainable right now .
  7. i have 8 books now but a couple i'd like to give terry first shot at as they could be of some value to him as conservation director . when i get ready to do it do you think we could meet somewhere as i hate to think how much it would cost to ship at least 8 books .
  8. that is what i thought . how soon before the blowout do you need it and when is it . i am still wading thru stuff but i know of two books at minimum .
  9. Who do I contact about donations to the Blow out ?
  10. I have the book on order , eagerly awaiting delivery .
  11. Mike I am not on facebook so i missed that and have not talked to Steve or Rob lately . Mark When I get the training material I can give you a general idea about it . I am thinking they want more detail than Here Be Ice .
  12. The National Weather Service office in Romeoville is looking for volunteers to be river ice spotters on the Kankakee , Fox , Du Page , Des Plaines , Rock and Pecatonica Rivers. Spotters on other rivers are welcome to participate . They do not want you to get on the ice , all oberservations must be made from a stable location . You will recieve training materials . Internet access is required as all reports must be submittted by 9 AM Monday morning , This program runs fr om 12- t hr 3-31 . Please contact Andrew Krein at andrewkrein@noaa.gov or call 815-34-1435 8AM to 8PM . Please include Name, Address, Phone # ,and email . Do so asap as training materials should come out in early November . This is an opportunity to help get flood warnings out to your area for flooding due to ice .
  13. I am going to get a copy of the book , the fly guys surely know current .
  14. When Lefty talks, people still listen .
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