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  1. nice work Frank...& the McHenry County Conservation District you are establishing a nice relationship with your waterway
  2. All the best to your wife and you. Hope her health continues to improve.
  3. That looks heartbreaking and disgusting, as Andy said. I hope you do call some of the authorities and can get some action, or the very least explanations.
  4. Thanks for the great write up and sharing all the ordeals of a competitor! Enjoyed the read.
  5. alank

    Blow out

    Yes....thanks to all for putting on another great Blowout. Had a great time, as always.
  6. Thank you Scott, Dick and all ISA members that helped at the show!
  7. I have not used them....nor do I have any or even seen one in person they look like they'll fish.....give them a try and let us know.
  8. Jackall Chunk Craw http://www.tackledirect.com/jackall-chunk-craw-soft-baits.html
  9. A belated thanks to everyone that was able to help out. Awesome job. Awesome event.
  10. yes...thanks for the report cool find on the American Brook Lamprey...never knew about them. does their presence indicate a healthy river environment?
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