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Gregg Stockey

Paul Trybul

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I didn't see anyone mention this, but Gregg Stockey passed away last fall. For several years he was an active member, a regional coordinator, and part of the Sylvania crew. Here is an article about his passing from a boat accident on Lake Geneva.. https://www.journal-topics.com/articles/former-bridge-director-dies-in-boating-accident/

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I'm not sure who knew this but Gregg published a book. It was called Guests At The Buck Falls Club which he gave me a signed copy of.  It's an entertaining read that made me laugh a few times. I laughed with him not at him per his instructions. It gives you some insight into his life, outdoor adventures and misadventures.  There is even a chapter on the Sylvania Crew which gives mention of several ISA members, me included.  I know we have had some members pass over the years. Gregg would be the first I know of that died while out smallmouth fishing. Gregg was a good man that did a lot to help troubled youth. I enjoyed the time I spent fishing with him and he will be missed.




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30 minutes ago, Jim J said:

Very sorry to hear and yes, Greg was a great guy and a lot of help at shows, former officer, etc. Since it’s been a while, I thought he would have something in the bulletin by now.



Sorry, but this was news to me also just a few days ago. It is in the March edition.

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Hi Guys, it was nice to read all of these posts!  We are having a celebration of life for Gregg on June 17th. If you feel like anyone may be interested in attending I will send a flyer with details


bonnie collins (wife)

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