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  1. From their Citizens Against Hog Factory Farms Facebook page... Here is a brief update on the progress of two 5000 hog factories (CAFOs) planned for the area. Both CAFOs were to be in operation by September 15, 2020 as indicated on MorAgra’s application submitted to the Department of Agriculture in May of this year. The rumors that the project has been cancelled are not true. We believe that MorAgra is just waiting until residents in our area lose interest and stop with pressure on elected officials and various regulatory agencies. Since we cannot stop MorAgra from moving CAFOs
  2. If you get a chance to get your name on the list then do so. This is a gorgeous river with the toughest fighting smallmouth you’ll ever have on the end of your line. Please enjoy this newly released video and help save the Menominee River....
  3. Good to hear. Any decision on whether or not you’re going to try and hold The Early Show?
  4. Well right now it’s pretty much your choice. The Kish is a very wadable river at normal levels. We are at below normal levels right now and your kayak/canoe will bottom out in a few areas. I like the ability of being able to kayak and wade fish at the same time option this level we are at now gives us.
  5. Yes. Some things ended up changing for me and Paul called and asked on Thursday and I was in. Happy to be here. Who needs rear windows on their car any way?
  6. Whopper Plopper and other top water toys rule. Not pulling in numbers but catching good quality fish. 17 and 19 inch on a morning downstream float. Sir Paul plucked a 20+ with the Whopper. Levels not too bad, wind is biggest challenge. Loving the Menominee!!!
  7. Not sure if the sign was purposely destroyed (?). Could just be weathered. Those signs to become brittle after awhile and a good strong wind during winter months could snap a corner off. We’ll try to get it replaced come next Spring.
  8. On a trip to Madison VA there was a field along I90 that was getting a fresh layer of manure. Talk about stink. Very offensive smell. Horrible.
  9. Thanks for the heads up. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.mystateline.com/news/local-news/two-new-hog-farms-are-looking-to-call-the-stateline-home-residents-fight-back/amp/
  10. Welcome! Take advantage of all you can. The ISA has a bunch of good folk.
  11. That is correct. They must leave it up because it also states about the life vest being required.
  12. I recently had a bad day of fishing on the water so I decided to turn it into a good day for a river clean up. https://duckdodge62.wixsite.com/tdsmh/post/river-clean-up-day
  13. Sweet! Thanks so much for taking the initiative. I look forward to chatting with Mr. Powers. Nice to follow you as you discover and enjoy your backyard waters. Enjoy.
  14. I would only consider the Blue Sky if I had lakefront property. The Nucanoe Frontier is the best fly fishing kayak on the market in my opinion.
  15. If you’re gonna carry all that crap you might as well buy a Blue Sky...
  16. I think it would be fun and interesting to so what you can come up with for the Murder Hornets. Go....
  17. I tried a staff a few years ago and did not like it. I felt that it presented a danger to me. I think falls are going to happen whether you have a staff or not. I’m legally blind and just make sure I wade cautiously especially in unknown waters. Once I’m in the water I feel pretty safe just feeling with my feet. I fell hard once with a staff and almost pierced my face and that was before getting in the water. Maybe it’s the water where I wade but I really see no sense in a staff. I just didn’t see the staff being helpful once in the water. I just don’t take chances when getting in and out.
  18. Maybe you’re still a sleep dreaming?
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