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  1. everyone predicts much more boat traffic by bigger boats more guides will offer shabbona as a trip , possibly more organized tournaments as motor use kept them away . musky anglers have pushed for this 10 yrs ago
  2. it has been changed down in springfield to be a no wake lake. now you can plan on one of illinois highest pressure lake to get more.
  3. i remember talking with don labrose about the east branch around rt38 and 355could be a nice spawning ground area. said it was too muddy mentioned putting in kiddie pools with sand and gravel for spawning. plus they took out the dam by st charles rd
  4. i wasnt able to try and watch it . any stream restoration is great. but why not headwaters first and work downstream. they did it on the west branch that way.
  5. i had to tell my grandson not to mention the revolver [lure] at school . can you imagine the problem if he told his teacher has two revolvers!
  6. i smash down the barbs on all my hooks. but my biggest gripe is when anglers dont have pliers in arm reach or when they use a towel to hold the fish. perhaps an article on suggested fish handling can written with these ideas posted.
  7. more of a bass sound compared to higher squeakier plopper
  8. report on the revolver vs whopper plopper my 6 inch [plopper has been getting attacked visiously lately on some small ponds , most get off.. ive noticed the revolver by the googan squad has a lower pitch . last night i took my grandson out for fishing before school starts wed. he did along cast withe the revolver, got smashed right away. fish went into weeds andit was a long pull of a bucket full of weds and fish. finally beached the line broke. tony jumped down to get the 18inch bass and the lure. let the fish go and gave me thelure. upon looking at all the weeds another 19b ass was found among the green. i can only imagine his mind wont be on school work today
  9. just tied up some jigs and ned rig style flies for the raffle. looking forward to seeing old and new members
  10. mike.howard,craig and i ran the casting portion of the event. crowds were smaller and kids and parents were eager to learn to cast.weather couldnt have been nicer. i am sure sgt tommy is smiling !
  11. great idea , putting the smallmouth first. practicing what we preach thumbs up move
  12. the Knights of Columbus and Shabbona Sportsman Club are putting on a seminar saturday june 26 from 6-8 30pm Held at the St James Church Hall in lee il we will cover lines plastic worms,wacky style,neko, tube jigs , topwater,bass jigs, chatterbaits spinnerbaits and frogs. $10 for adults , $5 for high school students, youth are free with paid adult . lure raffle s. drinks and snacks available. we have 10 anglers that specialize in using a particular lure , learn the what ,when and where. rich mc
  13. ill be there at 7 30 with all the gear rich
  14. that area has always been closed to fishing as well as upstream. it was patrolled by the rich harvest farm security

  15. isnt batavia a site for possible water willows this year
  16. i have the kits and you can count me in. also have a banner. i have the felt fish pond for lil ones too
  17. as you can see on my desk.i screwed some plywood to extend off the table my vise is there. the top is on a metal tool chest of drawers so i have no room for my big feet. my seat is a bar stool height. only problem with it is if i drop something . thanks eric
  18. been using the revolver lure th last few days. basically the sound isvery close to the plopper. it does have the rattle but does have nice hooks. having the prop in the middle takes away trying to walk the dog retrieve. i like the flatter tail as it does roll as much when itgets hit,more hook ups. makes me wonder if adding some silicone to the tail section of a zara spook willaid in walking it?
  19. i actually think its a tackle bs sales pitch. having thrown live cicadas on ponds and not have bass or gills hit them. just use what works every summmer.
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