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  1. We will be hosting a wade fishing outing on the Apple River in the Northwest corner of our State. We meet at the Apple River State Park near Stockton, IL at 9AM. This is a beautiful stream that winds through the driftless area with high limestone bluffs and riffle, pool, run habitat. Since this stream is small, this will be RSVP. Please contact Paul Trybul 815-540-7775 to reserve your spot.
  2. Did anyone get a report from Eric & Bart?
  3. It was a nice day to be out on the river. Mild temps, a little cloud cover and the water levels and clarity were about as good as it gets for spring conditions. By the time I got done helping everyone with shuttles it was just me and Kevin and the 4 in Terry's group heading down river. I decided to head to the south branch instead of having 6 guys pound the same section of river. I picked a section that required a little portage to get to the water. I figured the remoteness of this section would put us on some unpressured fish. This section has a particular spot that has been good to me in th
  4. Jake B from Rochelle contacted me and he said he was interested. I can call him tonight to confirm and that would make 8. It looks like the water levels will be safe for floating. The water temps are going to be chilly. Hopefully everyone sticks with the floating and not the swimming.
  5. I've tried it. Not as effective as the original but it does work. It's a little bigger and I do like it while fishing for essox. It either attracts attention or spooks them depending on the mood of the fish that day.
  6. The long winter season is coming. At some point I'll be spending more fishing related time surfing youtube videos than actually out fishing. Anyone have any new channels that they can recommend? The NDyakangler stuff is pretty good.
  7. Welcome, there are some great fly fisherman in this club that you could learn a lot from. Be active, engage and the information will come.
  8. Does this help? It looks like a decent portage any way you look at it.
  9. That's unfortunate about the rear window. Fishing has been tough but we care catching some nice ones. Most of the bigger fish are coming on topwaters. The water is higher than I'm used to and we have been fighting the wind. My best fish have been (3) 18" ers and I got a 20.5". Of coarse Tom Loo show up and starts catching a bunch of bass and a really nice walleye. This place is pretty special.
  10. Good point on the $5 park fee. I'll be saving my $5 bills this week as you need exact change for the fee boxes. 8155407775 is my number if anyone in the first group needs to coordinate shuttles, talk fishing strategies, or meal planning prior to the trip. As a kayaker/wade fisherman, I do have some concerns about the water levels to start this trip.
  11. Good info Scott, when can the very first group check in? This will be my 3rd consecutive year. 2 years ago the gauges were at 1500-1600CSF. Wading and kayaking was very easy at that level. Last year it was 2400-2600 CFS. That was a little tougher for wading but good for kayaking. At 1500 I consider the river to be pretty low, 2500 seemed about normal, but now it is at 4400CFS. I remember 3 years ago fishing was very tough for anyone without a boat in the high water. Hopefully the water continues to drop by the time we get there. When the water was low, I did best fishing the middle 1/3 of th
  12. So their solution to the manure problem is to spread it in the fields in the fall and give it all Fall, Winter and early spring to run off into the rivers?
  13. Terry Dodge & I are in provided we are in good health leading up to the trip. We will take our temperatures prior to leaving and would not go if showing any symptoms.
  14. You are welcome Gordon. Over the years you have been very generous with me on your knowledge of rivers and access points throughout Wisconsin. I'm glad I finally had the opportunity to pay it back with a gem of a section I discovered on my own while vacationing up there. Something that was relatively close to your home that offered trophy potential. Good luck on your guiding efforts. I've always enjoyed my float outings with you. You are very knowledgeable and have a lot to offer as a guide. The best advice I could give you is to try to outfit your float rig to cater to the fly fisherma
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