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  1. It looks like a dough bait rig.
  2. Could not agree more. I can throw the smallmouth with my 4wt. BoogleBug® - Premium Quality Cork Popping Bugs - The Best Popping Bug on the Market for You! They are expensive. Like $6 each maybe more. But they take a beating and they really catch fish.
  3. They look great. I would suggest on anything tie one or two and fish with them. Then you can make up more with adjustments if needed. I would add a couple olive buggers- some with cactus chennille anda gold bead head.
  4. I should mention. Some people develop a sensitivity to both epoxy and or the UV resin. I don't know anybody first hand who has issues with it doing fly tying, but I work in graphic arts where similar chemistry is used and yeah, there I've come across people who got sensitized to UV.
  5. Yes, there is a huge difference when it comes to durability and they are kind of different purposes. Head cement is basically lacquer. You use it more for just sealling a coupler of thread wraps. it soaks in and you really dont see it. Sally Hansens Hard as nails (clear nail polish very popular with fly tyers- is probably better for durability. Epoxy and the UV stuff, you actually build up a durable glossy head with it. I t dries hard as a rock. 5 minute epoxy is cheap and easy. Disadvantages is the fumes coming off it are not so good for you and with age it can tu
  6. One thing you can do to make the fly bomb proof is get some 5 minute epoxy (or UV resin) and coat the head and the wraps on the underwing.
  7. Yeah, it says no major moves. If the only thing holding them back in the CSSC is the electric fence then yeah they would have access to the DesPlaines.
  8. Does anyone know how far they have made it yet? Are they already in the Des Plaines? The electric fence on the Sanitary and Ship Canal is at 135th Street (Romeoville Rd.) and visible from the bridge over it. I don't know how true this is but someone told me that you can see them from there. Also east of there are is 12 miles of physical fencing (from 135th street to Romeoville rd. to at least Willow Springs rd. ) that the Army Corp installed. I think this is to keep potential invasives in the Des Plaines from getting into the canal. . Are they already there?
  9. This is disturbing. There is so much waste made in the US, UK and AUS. we used to ship it China. Now a lot of it goes to places like Indonesia. where they can recycle some of the paper products but the leftover plastic is dumped i- basically on the economic demographic most easily exploited. They pile all this stuff up in the villages. The people weed thru it looking for plastic that can be recycled, that they sell to factories). The rest they burn . So, when you burn plastic it releases really nasty compounds like dioxins. places like tofu factories are using plastic instead of wood fo
  10. Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum products. Non sustainable. With regard to biodegradability it probably is. recycleable probably not. There are still companies doing this however any wax used for this I've come across seems to me to be more than paraffin. I am not exactly sure. I don't think in any case it would be practical on a large scale. The real hope is for PLA. Poly Lactic Acid, a biodegradable plastic derived from plant starches. You can extrude this onto paper board and mold it into solid plastics. There are companies already doing this. I have been tol
  11. Any type of paper container, think... soft drink, coffee cup, etc. Really anything paperboard that needs to contain liquids or wet stuff and and not turn to mush are generally coated and or lined with extruded polyethylene. Not recyclable , biodegradable or compostable.
  12. Is Plastic Recycling A Lie? Oil Companies Touted Recycling To Sell More Plastic : NPR
  13. They come sizes down to a #10. You could just make smaller flies. I would think you could probably cast a #4 or #6 clouser . One of my favorite flies is the smaller Boogle Bug #8 I think. BoogleBug® - Bass & Bream Bugs in Solar Flare, Pearly White, Power Pumpkin, Yella Fella, Black Galaxy, Mossy Green & Electric Damsel . That thing is blast! I can cast it with my 4wt no problem. Most of the fish I have caught were not that far away. Like 30 feet. Generally they say a bass rod is 6-8 wt. Many people use lighter rods. especially when it's smaller water.
  14. Tim Flager is the first video I posted.
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