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  1. I didn't know about this one. Senate Environmental Committee Passes Bill Eliminating State Wetland Protections | IER Indiana Environmental Reporter Indiana wetlands preservation work continues despite new state law (indystar.com) Chi Trib : need to sign in for this one: Guest column: We need to save our wetlands - Chicago Tribune
  2. They maybe native to Lake Michigan, but when I was a kid (in the 70's) nobody I knew caught them. You also could not see the bottom because there were no zebra mussels to filter. There were no gobies as a food source.
  3. Would it be safe to assume that the hordes of tubers in summer are primarily renting them from that one tubing company?
  4. Everywhere I go I'm seeing crews removing invasive species, clearing trees, controlled burns. Cook, Dupage, Will... like everywhere. You got to wonder who is paying for it.
  5. It looks like a dough bait rig.
  6. Could not agree more. I can throw the smallmouth with my 4wt. BoogleBug® - Premium Quality Cork Popping Bugs - The Best Popping Bug on the Market for You! They are expensive. Like $6 each maybe more. But they take a beating and they really catch fish.
  7. They look great. I would suggest on anything tie one or two and fish with them. Then you can make up more with adjustments if needed. I would add a couple olive buggers- some with cactus chennille anda gold bead head.
  8. I should mention. Some people develop a sensitivity to both epoxy and or the UV resin. I don't know anybody first hand who has issues with it doing fly tying, but I work in graphic arts where similar chemistry is used and yeah, there I've come across people who got sensitized to UV.
  9. Yes, there is a huge difference when it comes to durability and they are kind of different purposes. Head cement is basically lacquer. You use it more for just sealling a coupler of thread wraps. it soaks in and you really dont see it. Sally Hansens Hard as nails (clear nail polish very popular with fly tyers- is probably better for durability. Epoxy and the UV stuff, you actually build up a durable glossy head with it. I t dries hard as a rock. 5 minute epoxy is cheap and easy. Disadvantages is the fumes coming off it are not so good for you and with age it can turn yellow. The stuff they coat rod wraps with is a 2 part epoxy. I just got I just got the UV system. So far it's really terrific. This light is half the price of the ones intended for fly tyers and it works just fine with solarez. UltraFire UV Flashlight 395-405 nm Led Blacklight with 18650 battery and charger for curing UV glue, Leak Detector, Pet Urine Stain - - Amazon.com I highly, highly doubt that the ones that sell for 50 bucks and up are made in a different factory in China. If money is an issue, go to home depot get some two part epoxy. Get something to mix it on. A bathroom tile works good and a couple toothpicks. Work with good ventilation. People who do a lot use a rotating dryer. But if are just doing a couple you can just twirl it by hand or in a rotary vise. When you coat a clouse the way Bob Clouser does in the book it becomes nearly bombproof.
  10. One thing you can do to make the fly bomb proof is get some 5 minute epoxy (or UV resin) and coat the head and the wraps on the underwing.
  11. Yeah, it says no major moves. If the only thing holding them back in the CSSC is the electric fence then yeah they would have access to the DesPlaines.
  12. Does anyone know how far they have made it yet? Are they already in the Des Plaines? The electric fence on the Sanitary and Ship Canal is at 135th Street (Romeoville Rd.) and visible from the bridge over it. I don't know how true this is but someone told me that you can see them from there. Also east of there are is 12 miles of physical fencing (from 135th street to Romeoville rd. to at least Willow Springs rd. ) that the Army Corp installed. I think this is to keep potential invasives in the Des Plaines from getting into the canal. . Are they already there?
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