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  1. Again this week. Indiana Dunes Beaches Closed Again Due to Unidentified ‘Sheen’ on Water Leaking From US Steel | Chicago News | WTTW
  2. Sorta off topic, have you ever seen these? SylvanSport GO camping trailer • ultralight pop-up camper towable by cars Check it out they are cool.
  3. . https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/nw-indiana-water-facility-restarts-after-us-steel-discharge/2628489/
  4. And you might not get your knees wet.
  5. I think they are already in there. For whatever reason have not spread. Could be wrong about that. Might be taking the dams down due to safety.
  6. There must be talk about dam removal in Wilmington. Signs everywhere "Save the Dam". Looks like there are articles on line- require subscription.
  7. I didn't know about this one. Senate Environmental Committee Passes Bill Eliminating State Wetland Protections | IER Indiana Environmental Reporter Indiana wetlands preservation work continues despite new state law (indystar.com) Chi Trib : need to sign in for this one: Guest column: We need to save our wetlands - Chicago Tribune
  8. They maybe native to Lake Michigan, but when I was a kid (in the 70's) nobody I knew caught them. You also could not see the bottom because there were no zebra mussels to filter. There were no gobies as a food source.
  9. Would it be safe to assume that the hordes of tubers in summer are primarily renting them from that one tubing company?
  10. Everywhere I go I'm seeing crews removing invasive species, clearing trees, controlled burns. Cook, Dupage, Will... like everywhere. You got to wonder who is paying for it.
  11. It looks like a dough bait rig.
  12. Could not agree more. I can throw the smallmouth with my 4wt. BoogleBug® - Premium Quality Cork Popping Bugs - The Best Popping Bug on the Market for You! They are expensive. Like $6 each maybe more. But they take a beating and they really catch fish.
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