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  1. Any type of paper container, think... soft drink, coffee cup, etc. Really anything paperboard that needs to contain liquids or wet stuff and and not turn to mush are generally coated and or lined with extruded polyethylene. Not recyclable , biodegradable or compostable.
  2. Is Plastic Recycling A Lie? Oil Companies Touted Recycling To Sell More Plastic : NPR
  3. They come sizes down to a #10. You could just make smaller flies. I would think you could probably cast a #4 or #6 clouser . One of my favorite flies is the smaller Boogle Bug #8 I think. BoogleBug® - Bass & Bream Bugs in Solar Flare, Pearly White, Power Pumpkin, Yella Fella, Black Galaxy, Mossy Green & Electric Damsel . That thing is blast! I can cast it with my 4wt no problem. Most of the fish I have caught were not that far away. Like 30 feet. Generally they say a bass rod is 6-8 wt. Many people use lighter rods. especially when it's smaller water.
  4. Tim Flager is the first video I posted.
  5. For a typical "bass hook" , Mustad sells the 3366 and come in hundred packs, for around 10 bucks. It will work for all kinds of streamers and deer hair bugs and poppers. It was the original hook in a lot of patterns. They are really cheap compared to a lot of other hooks and they are way sharper out of the pack than people give them credit for. It's not a crappy hook at all but there are others that are much nicer. Gamakatsu B10S is another similar hook that is significantly more expensive but n my opinion probably better. Double check on the prices but I think they would be under 1
  6. You need to know these three techniques to get started. They are easy. https://youtu.be/IgGpTxo-Dds A wooly bugger is a good starter fly. I like this guy's videos. He is mostly a trout guy, but he has a few bass patterns. Olive is a good color. https://youtu.be/7Ku1-lnkKzI Here is also a Kelly Gallup video on tying buggers and that is very good. Keep in mind flies don't have to be perfect works of art to catch fish. https://youtu.be/E7D994IXurw There are endless ways to tie this fly, with many variations . A clouser is another fly that is super p
  7. 8 ft, 4wt St. Croix for 40 bucks. Rio santo- I think these are made in the factoria in Mexico. I remember them in the stores as being a heck of a nice rod. They had a 6 wt but it's gone. https://www.sierra.com/st-croix-rods-rio-santo-fly-rod-4-wt-8-2-piece~p~19daw/?filterString=s~stdotdot-croix-%2F
  8. Cook County's regs here: https://fpdcc.com/things-to-do/fishing/ Don’t enter the water. It is illegal to enter the water for any reason, including wading or swimming, unless authorized by administrative order of the General Superintendent. crap. I wish I never read all this stuff.
  9. Off the top of my head is there any wadeable river other than the Des Plaines in Cook County? Large stretches of that are boot sucking mud, right? I wonder , if it's a navigable waterway do they have any say in the matter? Des Plaines is navagable in the whole channelized section.
  10. I have heard of people getting hassled for wading in WillCFP , but not on the Dupe. For all the FP with a river they specify "shoreline fishing" . I think that, with no wading rule specified in the regs implies it's a no-no, but yeah does not sound like it's being enforced.
  11. I was just looking at Will County FP. Fishing - Forest Preserve District of Will County (reconnectwithnature.org) FISHING REGULATIONS Fishing is allowed year-round, weather permitting. Ice fishing is not allowed. Only line fishing is permitted. Anglers may use a maximum of two poles, with no more than two hooks or lures attached to each. Taking frogs, turtles and mussels is prohibited. Swimming, wading and float tubes are prohibited. Persons must be entirely secured in watercraft. All statewide fishing regulations apply, including daily creel and size limits. I
  12. Well that sucks. Man was a legendary fisherman. I got to meet him years ago. He signed my InFisherman Smallmouth handbook. I think I got pretty much everyone to sign it that had a hand in authoring it, including Al. The last one to sign it was Larry Dahlberg who is a totally cool cat. " As he was signing it he goes "look at this, now you got all the rascals". RIP.
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