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  1. Yep. Really not even worth the time to discuss at this point.
  2. This is something that I can’t stand. Why this nation even allows worms (which I have not used since 2009) to be sold in plastic and styrofoam containers is beyond me. I have thought for awhile about taking this problem on at a local level with trying to ban the sale of worms in such containers. Maybe now would be a good time to up my game. https://youtu.be/37PDwW0c1so On Tuesday, January 19, 2021, the Northwest Illinois Audubon Society will be hosting a Free Film Screening of the Story of Plastic plus optional Zoom discussion. I plan to take part in this eve
  3. Sulfide Mine Permit Denied: “A Win for Wetlands” MARQUETTE, MI – Regional environmental groups are celebrating the news that a disputed Wetlands Permit for Aquila Resources’ Back Forty sulfide mine has been denied by a Michigan Administrative Law Judge, concluding a two year review of the contested case. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (now the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy) sparked controversy when it approved Aquila’s Wetlands Permit in 2018, over the objections of regulatory staff who were prepared to deny the permit. The permi
  4. New year, new gear. Have a happy one!
  5. Our friends with the Ozarks Smallmouth Alliance will be hosting a live tying event tonight at 7:30pm. They have tagged the ISA Facebook Page as a cohost so all our Facebook members can watch along. The event link is posted on ISA Facebook Page. I’ll post link here but may have to sign in to watch. Fly to be tied: Kelly Galloup’s Sex Dungeon https://fb.me/e/123bDqNKt
  6. Welcome! You’re gonna go broke. But you’re gonna have a blast doing it!
  7. All flies are welcomed but there is a shortlist on this website if you click the Flies tab. http://donateyourflies.fishing/
  8. From the Rock River Fly Casters Club, Hey Buggers, Here's a project my friend Mike Martin, president of Rock River Fly Casters, is seeking help with. I plan to send a dozen or two in myself. Be sure to drop an ISA note in along with your flies so Mike knows. Thanks! From Mike..... "I am working on a winter project that's called “Donate Your Flies for Charity”. There are many Non-Profits that promote fly fishing for a way to help their participants recover from Cancer or other health problems, veteran groups and youth groups teaching the art of fly fishing. Rock River Fly C
  9. Inside parks and forest preserves if there’s no signage stating that I can’t then I’m in.
  10. Ozark Smallmouth Alliance shared this little half hour film on their Facebook Page. It was filmed in 1966 and features the smallmouth bass. This is an absolute gem! Enjoy...
  11. For a fly fishing book I would start here https://shop.tightlinesflyshop.com/smallmouth-modern-fly-fishing-methods-tactics-and.html I’m still writing the book on Illinois smallmouth fishing. Hope to get a new box of Crayons for Christmas.
  12. Welcome! You're gonna be amazed at what you've been over looking. It is something to be excited about.
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