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  1. St. Croix is fighting to fill all the stores with their rods after most stores we’re shutdown last year. Jeff speaks very highly of Chippewa River rods.
  2. No proof required. You should have a mask on your person just to be safe.
  3. Good. A year without Ben is like a beer without pop when you open it. Flat.
  4. Welcome! Take advantage of all that you can. We have a great group of folks here at the ISA that won’t bat an eye at helping out with your goal of chasing down Illinois smallmouth.
  5. The Northwest Region (NWR) will host a Kishwaukee River float trip on Saturday, April 24, at 9:00am. Due to the pandemic, we have decided to skip meeting for breakfast and will just meet at the launch in Cherry Valley at 9:00am. From there we’ll figure out the shuttle system. Please RSVP on the ISA website if you plan to attend. Hosted By: Paul Trybul and Terry Dodge
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