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  1. Sure does float. The pine cone peddles are very buoyant. The milkweed sold is used in life jackets.
  2. Last Fall I came up with the idea of creating what I call, Organic Flies, using whatever kind of foliage and such, that I could find in my backyard or along my daily walks. I first snatched a milkweed pod that was just beginning to burst. Then I grabbed a pine cone from my back yard and also snapped off a foxtail from a weed. There is a ton of interesting stuff you can find growing that could be used as material. I plan to find something natural for a bigger head to mimic a cicada. Hopefully in the next few days. Milkweed Silk, Pine Cone Peddles, Weed Foxtail, on a size 6 Stnger hook.
  3. Ha! I actually just finished up writing new song called “Searching For Riffles” , that I’d like to record streamside.
  4. Thanks Kevin! Yeah I’m looking forward to this season. I consider the Smallmouth Hunter song to be my Bohemian Rhapsody. Ha!
  5. And I just finished up writing a smallmouth fishing song called Smallmouth Hunter.
  6. Hey Fellow ISA Members, Well it’s been about a year since I made the hard decision to step away from the ISA Leadership and Newsletter. Tough decision but one that I now feel was the right decision. Last season was a bad season for me sight wise. I struggled with hitting my target while casting. Usually not even knowing where that damn lure was even going most of the time. This was using traditional gear. Very frustrating. My plan is to focus more on the fly rod this year as I believe the big colorful fly line will assist in casting on target because I can see it. Anyway, enough about my struggles. Since stepping down, I have started to produce my own newsletter, Kishwaukee Valley Newsletter (KVN), also, I created Kishwaukee River Rec, which is a Kishwaukee River safe level guide to help inform and educate people on the levels of the Kish as it pertains to the USGS PRY12 gage, which is the most popular reach on the Kish. I am currently looking at different ideas of promoting this on a wider scale. I believe it will save at least one life. Near the end of 2023, I was contacted by a group of blind veterans called the, National Blinded Veterans Organization, asking if I would join their team and help out, which of course I did. Funny thing, I had already been working on the same very idea that they presented to me. In 2019, when I attended a VA blind rehabilitation center program, I walked out of there with so many visual aid devices, that when I got home after the 6 week program, it was all a bit overwhelming. Lot of learning to pack into a 6 week program. We at NBVO.org plan to fix that by offering support with these devices. The website and everything else we do is all done by blinded vets. If you know of a vet, with a vision impairment, feel free to share our site with them. Links: https://nbvo.org https://nionwebsites.wixsite.com/nbvoaid I can say that with my vision, the way it is now, fishing just isn’t as enjoyable as it once was. Not that I still don’t enjoy it, just not as much. Sorry for the long post but just thought I’d let you know what I’ve been up to. Looking forward to reading your fishing reports this season. Go out and catch a Brutus!
  7. Damn. Sad news. Fun guy to be with. The wilderness will not be the same.
  8. Sorry to hear that, Corey. That really sucks. I agree with Paul on the run-off, makes me wonder if a farmer recently sprayed manure on his fields?
  9. Enjoyed the latest issue! Sorry I missed Matt Steffan, sounds like a good Zoom. If you are recording those, I am still capable of getting them on the ISA YouTube channel. Thanks!
  10. FREP is having a thing about where to get monies for projects… https://myemail.constantcontact.com/FREP-Downstream---Wed---Jan--10th-Annual-Meeting--Elections---Program-on-Funding-at-The-Centre--Elgin.html?soid=1101934369562&aid=VbuUYVrOqnc
  11. Ran across this today https://www.inwoodlands.org/a-regulated-trapping-otter/
  12. Check it out. All Kish, all the time...

    Kishwaukee Valley Newsletter

    Nov. 23.png

  13. Congrats Brendan! I can already see that you’re getting the hang of CC format. Looks good and will only get better from here. Be sure to have fun with it. Thanks for the large size text. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Tip for Editor; 1) sure to manage CC storage on a regular basis. 2) Download the Mobile App. I did many issues using only my phone. Hope you enjoy doing it as much as I did. Looking forward to Decembers issue.
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