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  1. Cool. Thanks. Gotta be a van.
  2. You know, I do have portage wheels and I was thinking if I bought anoth…. Who needs a van, right?
  3. Looking for a decent older van that’s been converted into a sleeper van. Thanks for any info. Terry
  4. Congrats! They sure are fun on a fly rod. Gotta love a cone head woolly bugger. Nice fishing.
  5. Ended up with 4 of us all together, myself, Gene, and a father and son team of Stewart and Ian Anderson (I’m so bad with names. Sorry if I got ‘em wrong). Gene and I took the south branch and I gave some tips and instructions to the Anderson’s and sent them up the north branch. Not sure what happened with Gene? He was there and then he was gone. Hope everything is fine? Anyway, I continued on upstream to what what turned into a smallie dink fest of 6. After getting out I ran into the Anderson’s loading up to grab a bite to eat and then continue to fish the Kish. I recommended a stretch for after they eat that I hope put them onto some good fish. They did mention that they were having a pretty good day with I believe both saying they were already into double digits at the break. Hope their day continued to be on track with the first leg.
  6. Interesting. Are you cutting your own blockheads from those large blocks of foam?
  7. It’s gonna be a hot one. Be sure to bring plenty of water. What are these “pants” you guys speak of?
  8. Update: Kish is still running a tad low. Have not been out since last Friday so not sure what the algae bloom stain looks like. Wasn’t all that bad on Friday. About 15 inch clarity. The storms that passed through only put a little bump on the gage chart but there still is a chance for some good downpours before Saturday so please check back here for updates.
  9. Good points Joe. I have also, for a quick release, hit the record button and then have taken a snapshot from the video. Sucks though when you forget to kill the recording after the release. I need a bigger battery!
  10. The Kishwaukee River comes a glow at the peek season.
  11. Exactly! There’s C&R and there is CPR. If the C&R doesn’t go as planned, then the CPR doesn’t happen. I do keep the fish in the water until right before the timer goes off and I lift it for the pic and then release. It’s trickier in a kayak but I am working on it. It’s kinda what I call “Practicing ” C&R or CPR. Not that I am doing act of it, just the fact that I am practicing to do it as quickly and safely as I am possible to do.
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