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  1. Upgraded my desk last year when I scored this free roll top. Apart from a new chair I wouldn’t change much.
  2. Very cool, thanks for the reports. Those mink are always cool too see.
  3. And count me out, getting over a chest cold. Good luck everyone! Last week I had a float Terry and did pretty well.
  4. Really nice setup Joel! I don’t know if I hate the mice or the spiders that like to hide and die in my feather drawers more.
  5. Welcome. Tons of fun to be had on the fly around here, especially if you like throwing meaty flys for bass and pike. We get some lake run trout and the driftless in SW Wisco is great for spring creek trout. Lots of options but the river smallmouth reigns supreme!
  6. An intermediate line is money with unweighted streamers, epecially deceivers and divers. The shorter leader required makes casting big bushy flys easier too.
  7. Good to know for next time Joe, thanks for showing us the river!
  8. Yesterday was fun, really wish I could have stuck around longer. Had a big turnout with new and familiar faces. I got to fish the South Branch with Joe R. and Ken K. we stuck to the long rod and brought a handful of dink smallmouth to hand while I was there. The fishing talk was great as always.
  9. Didn't even see the wasps, even better!
  10. anyone who loves fishing skinny water should know these well. Keep your head on a swivel and try not to get freaked out by all the spiders that fall in your boat when you try and get that fly back. ?
  11. Looking forward to reconnecting with some cool peoples.
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