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  1. Good to know for next time Joe, thanks for showing us the river!
  2. Yesterday was fun, really wish I could have stuck around longer. Had a big turnout with new and familiar faces. I got to fish the South Branch with Joe R. and Ken K. we stuck to the long rod and brought a handful of dink smallmouth to hand while I was there. The fishing talk was great as always.
  3. Didn't even see the wasps, even better!
  4. anyone who loves fishing skinny water should know these well. Keep your head on a swivel and try not to get freaked out by all the spiders that fall in your boat when you try and get that fly back. ?
  5. Looking forward to reconnecting with some cool peoples.
  6. "Beauty queens in bathing suits saying GO TERRY" ? really enjoyed this, at least what I could hear over my kids playing. Way to rep the ISA! I ran into Josh floating the Kish last week and had a nice chat. Always cool to see another fly guy in a nucanoe.
  7. Great way to get started! Welcome to the club.
  8. Band is All them Witches, very good up and coming group with a great sound. Song was 3-5-7
  9. Thanks guys, part two will focus a little more on the details and the landscapes of smallmouth fishing with a healthy dose of big bronze monsters.
  10. Hello my name is Benjamin and I am a river smallmouth addict.
  11. I've had a few yaks over the years. My current Nucanoe Frontier 12 is by far my favorite. I'll sacrifice weight for an incredibly stable and adaptable fishing platform that I'm 100% comfortable standing and sitting on all day. Get in as many as you can and try them out.
  12. Mixed bag results but glad to hear everyone is ok., that cold water is no joke. Some very nice fish landed!
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