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  1. The first of many I’m sure. Congrats.
  2. Please put me down for 8/6-8/8 as well. Thanks for organizing this Scott.
  3. Those both look like they would catch anything. Nice work. I might order some of those jig hooks myself.
  4. I’ve worked on some variations of the mop frog over the past couple years and here’s what I’ve found. They absolutely benefit from a mono loop for keeping legs out of the hook. I crimp the mono at the back in middle like a heart to widen it. A shorter shank hook will also help with fouling as well as balance in the water. It will sit at a slight angle legs just under the surface. The drag from the legs really helps with poppers and divers. I tie them pretty big and use size 2 or 1 hooks fished on 7 or 8 weights.
  5. Lost my favorite one but here’s some others.
  6. Oh it will. Nice fly! I tie a frog variation of this with two mops and a mono loop to keep them sorted. Hackle wraps and a blockhead body with some rubber legs. It does well. I think the mops absorb water and create some drag to give off the real nice deep pop instead of skittering on the surface. Works well on the dead dead drift too.
  7. Hate to hear that Joe. prespawn on the North Branch was already looking low but not stagnant. I really enjoy the mix of bronze and teeth in that stretch. Hope we get some rain so the big ones can hold out.
  8. Cool design! would love to see it in the water. Good luck on the Kank.
  9. What a score, that boat will last forever. Wisconsin trip sounds like a good time too.
  10. Ben K.

    Mixed bag

    Thanks everyone. I don’t enjoy editing half as much as fishing but it’s nice to be able to look back, It keeps you honest. I’ve kicked around the idea of an entry into the fly film festival but haven’t pulled trigger. Maybe this years trip to Sylvania will be the ticket.
  11. Ben K.

    Mixed bag

    Balmorhea, very cool group.
  12. Ben K.

    Mixed bag

    Thanks John. That’s exactly what I was hoping for.
  13. Ben K.

    Mixed bag

    This was a little Covid project that’s technically unfinished. I corrupted a file and didn’t feel like starting from scratch.
  14. Upgraded my desk last year when I scored this free roll top. Apart from a new chair I wouldn’t change much.
  15. Very cool, thanks for the reports. Those mink are always cool too see.
  16. And count me out, getting over a chest cold. Good luck everyone! Last week I had a float Terry and did pretty well.
  17. Really nice setup Joel! I don’t know if I hate the mice or the spiders that like to hide and die in my feather drawers more.
  18. Welcome. Tons of fun to be had on the fly around here, especially if you like throwing meaty flys for bass and pike. We get some lake run trout and the driftless in SW Wisco is great for spring creek trout. Lots of options but the river smallmouth reigns supreme!
  19. An intermediate line is money with unweighted streamers, epecially deceivers and divers. The shorter leader required makes casting big bushy flys easier too.
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