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  1. Thanks for putting this together Paul and Terry!! Nice to see everyone and spend some time on the water. Looking forward to the next one.
  2. Should be Bauman Park based on the float I did several years ago. Assume Paul or Terry will confirm
  3. I won't know for sure until Friday afternoon. Sorry i can't commit before then, stuff.....
  4. I'll try to make this one. I really wish they would do this earlier. I mean they probably wait til it';s warmer and more comfortable but so much plant growth hides a lot of the garbage by this time. Along with poison ivy and other nasties having already emerged. I guess it's good that's it's even being done and so consistently!
  5. Not sure they'll be this far north, this isn't the brood that hits northern illinois. I don't think that brood is due till 2024. With that said the torpedo sounds like an excellent idea!
  6. ohh man that's a bummer, i couldn't make it live and was looking forward to the vid. glad you figured out the issue!
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