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  1. You planning on living in a van down by the river!?
  2. I've seen those signs also, didn't investigate tho. Mixed feelings on that one. Is there an asian carp presence below the dam? If so is the dam helping to keep them from moving upstream?
  3. Will county says the river is navigable. Hopefully the state agrees. You should have an update if you signed the petition. Now if we could only get people to stop being so lazy and trashy while enjoying the outdoors we might have something....
  4. Oh good, it's officially open. Was down for a peek last week but didn't linger.
  5. Wow that was quick!! Wanted to see the stages, oh well. Thanks for the update and pics Gene
  6. In the venerable words of Kozmo‘I’m out!’ I needed a jump to get to and from work today. Probably just the battery but since starter was changed several weeks ago would rather have my mechanic look at it to make sure nothing else is going on
  7. Agreed on the 'too hot for waders". So no wet wading? By wet wading I mean long nylon pants. Kish is decently clean.
  8. Pair of size 13 patagonia boots. Used for about 6 months last fall through spring. Nothing wrong with them, just too small. Really should have sized up. These would be good for someone who is shoe size 11.5 or 12. Love the tractor grip!! I got them for half price so you get them for quarter price, $80. Not sure why the photo loaded upside down….?
  9. Agreed! I have a heavy rubber one
  10. The very act of fishing/catching causes undue stress to the fish. To fish or not to fish? Where do you draw the line? A net for sure helps in a kayak or boat. You can land the fish a lot quicker and let it sit in there breathing/resting while you get set up if a pic is wanted. Use appropriate gear to minimize stress to the fish. Barbed or barbless hooks, personal choice. Learn how to remove hooks by going through gills for deeper hooked fish. Learn what a bite feels like to minimize deeper hooked fish. Learn about your quarry. Trout for sure are a whole different animal and do need to be handled differently. The list is endless on ways to better CR or CPR,
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