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  1. i should have one done on the boat launch repair. work at shabbona just have to have my daughter get my photos off my phone to email rich
  2. i think the tail is craft fur[hair], deer hair in the middle and the muddler head. tom is the master of this fly which may have been in a past newsletter
  3. lots of topwater strikes but no fish to hand grandson outfished me again using plastic worm and craws
  4. started playing with wire shanks. used a few double barreled popper heads. i add my worm or frogfly to the front wire. add lot of thread to the shank and super glue it in the slot. now the rear fly will move freely and sink down a little. will be testing them today on a nearby pond
  5. i read that the mining effort was not permitted to go forward but no one posted this good news
  6. tried a large black one,black silicone legs tied in the middle. black n green squirrel for the tail. not a fan of the tail but a 19 inch bass took it right away.i think a few silicone legs may be better
  7. exactly use white thread and tie on silicone skirt materialfor a spider effect. squirrelmakes agood tail .just build up a ball to splay the tail
  8. another popper style to try is tying on a phelps floating jighead.they have a straight eye and good wide hook .i just ordered more from walleyesupply .com. they make a size 1/0,2 and 4
  9. i would also reverse the head to make it a slider if you want weight for castingyou cam wrap the body with a cross cut rabbit strip.it will cast good with a spinning rod when wet
  10. saw on the news of two possible hog farms wanting to build in winnebago county. one is 5k hogs . same story agriculture says all the waste will be contained in pits and spread on fields as fertilizer . they did mention sugar creek.
  11. should work just fine, nice coloring
  12. thanks mike for the ribbon.it turns out the shiny material is lengthwise, which allows me to make longer lengths.
  13. looking forward to the rootbeer color one of the few satin colors i dont have thanks mike
  14. they are well tyed. i dont see small crayfish flies much and his are sweet
  15. looks more like a musky lure.guess we need to carry a tennis racket to swat them
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