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  1. rich mc

    fly swap

    i am running a fly swap on flytyingforum.com the fly is an extra large woolly bugger size 2 or larger. we are planning on 12 tyers and they should be in the mail to me by feb 22 if interested post up what you are tying such as color, lead eye, bead head, floating, flash, shanked[game changer ]. rich
  2. very possible but the boot would have to be glued or melted . but have found the silicone not to be durable in wider pieces. i did buy a 4x6 patch of cohens material and just found where i put it. will try cutting some for a prototype. rich
  3. nice tools. dont worry about getting the best bang for the buck as you will win on one fly and lose on others. find the fly pattern you want to fish and then buy materials for that fly. bob clousers book[clousers] is great for newbies and covers topwater mid depth and bottom flies with great photos
  4. around 2006 or 07 we attended a dupage forest preserve meeting and asked for and got wading approv ed in forest preserve waters. brad manning mentioned that most of the time the other forest preserves follow what dupage does. dont know if they ever did
  5. ive seen the promo for the movie bait shop with billy ray cyrus.is that worth watching or just better than the hallmark movies my wife has on all the time
  6. best info on illinois smallmouth has been in our bronzeback bulletin we have had great articles by jonn graham on the float n fly, paul trybul on jerkbaits.as well as local fly patterns .
  7. the fly fishing badger open in feb has been cancelled as well as the iowa hawkeye fly show in march. last i heard the tinley park show was not cancelled yet but that was a month ago.
  8. after seeing that photo got the idea of a twister style long suade then wrap some chenille around it for a action tail worm
  9. we all know how well swimbaits work for smallies . just saw on a crappie site of cohens swimbait tails for fly fishing. they are made of his suade material like his reaper and twister tails. i predict it will be the next hot fly for 2021
  10. i should have one done on the boat launch repair. work at shabbona just have to have my daughter get my photos off my phone to email rich
  11. i think the tail is craft fur[hair], deer hair in the middle and the muddler head. tom is the master of this fly which may have been in a past newsletter
  12. lots of topwater strikes but no fish to hand grandson outfished me again using plastic worm and craws
  13. started playing with wire shanks. used a few double barreled popper heads. i add my worm or frogfly to the front wire. add lot of thread to the shank and super glue it in the slot. now the rear fly will move freely and sink down a little. will be testing them today on a nearby pond
  14. i read that the mining effort was not permitted to go forward but no one posted this good news
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