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  1. been using the revolver lure th last few days. basically the sound isvery close to the plopper. it does have the rattle but does have nice hooks. having the prop in the middle takes away trying to walk the dog retrieve. i like the flatter tail as it does roll as much when itgets hit,more hook ups. makes me wonder if adding some silicone to the tail section of a zara spook willaid in walking it?
  2. i actually think its a tackle bs sales pitch. having thrown live cicadas on ponds and not have bass or gills hit them. just use what works every summmer.
  3. reminds me of an old lure retriever
  4. was able to watch the first half hour before i had another place to be. i have an original Dave's bad hair day fly! looking forward to fishing with rich as he has a guided trip cert to use at shabbona with me. covid stopped him last year i guess.
  5. i have another worm pattern to match the berkley flat worm. i have tried to order a pack and all the stores and online location are sold out can anyone send me one or two and ill send back either a fly or jig with my copy. thanks rich first one to private message me gets in
  6. got the spring sale paper from bass pro starts march 11. has the double bladed popper reduced to 7.19. has anyone ever tried that one?
  7. actually its by googan squad several u tubes under googan squad revolver
  8. just saw another version by googan baits the revolver. unlike the choppo and original plopper it has the revolving fin in the middle with a tail in a manatee shape . just something to look up while we get more snow.
  9. for another fly try a foam gurgler and tie them with the foam going each way one is popper like ,reversed its a diver rich
  10. nice and sparse hard to tell if a few strands of crystal flash is in there .
  11. if you like the shenk streamer its very similar to my shannon streamer just google it for a video by flyfishohio. use bernat blanket yarn as bohemian chenille is not available and gets too heavy
  12. rich mc

    fly swap

    i am running a fly swap on flytyingforum.com the fly is an extra large woolly bugger size 2 or larger. we are planning on 12 tyers and they should be in the mail to me by feb 22 if interested post up what you are tying such as color, lead eye, bead head, floating, flash, shanked[game changer ]. rich
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