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  1. I was kayaking back in the no-motor zone and a guy with an aluminum boat with Wisconsin stickers fired up his small HP gas motor and had it pretty much full throttle. Front end of his boat was at a 30-40 degree angle as he traversed the cove. I was waiting for him to hit a submerged stump and go flying! The things you see when out on the water! Remember when comedian George Carlin said, "Think of how stupid the average person is, then realize that half of them are stupider than that!"
  2. “Taking private property for public use” Are we just gonna ignore the paved public parking lot with boat launch off 135th Street, plus all the public canoe/kayak access areas posted up and down the DuPage River? Think the homeowners downstream of 135th are oblivious that they’ve lived on a public use river for decades?
  3. Hooray! https://www.reconnectwithnature.org/News-Events/News/Former-Hammel-Woods-Dam-Site-Reopens-Public-Use
  4. East Branch, DuPage River https://patch.com/illinois/lisle/dupage-river-boat-launch-open-lisle-community-park 1825 Short Street, Lisle, IL
  5. I got the 4.5”, 1/2-ounce model in native shad from Rich. First trip using it, I was thoroughly impressed! Zero body roll/line twist (alleviates needing a snap swivel), and has a louder, deeper sound. It doesn’t foul as easily, and the sound stays consistently in tune. Will be a new go-to in my topwater arsenal. Big thanks to Rich for introducing me to this lure! I’m surprised we’re not seeing it talked about more.
  6. A friend and her sister started this little company. My wife bought some for us and I was pleasantly surprised by the results. The mosquitoes stayed away and it wasn’t greasy or overpowering. Pleasant stuff. Weirdest company name ever though! Literally impossible to remember! 🙃 https://www.syzygy-atelier.com/collections/bug-spray
  7. Dude, gimmie a break! I care about the fish I catch and release as much as any hard core smallmouth angler out there. I post shots all the time. So I’m one of the bad guys? No matter how high a horse you want to sit on, the fact is, a small percentage of ALL angler’s C&R’d fish are going to die due to stress and delayed mortality. Fact. If you can’t accept that, don’t fish. This isn’t Trout Unlimited and these aren’t trout. 99% of the time, a released smallmouth gives me a face full of river water as a farewell. Good on Trout Unlimited for their stance. They can feel good about themselves. Don’t bring their BS here and act like it should be ISA law. You really think we feel like the Bassmaster’s Classic? No, catching smallmouth close to home is something fun to do solo or with friends to forget about the stressors of this world for a while. A pic is simply sharing the experience with others who might appreciate it.
  8. What has changed for the residents along the river to be unhappy about? The tubing business (which I’m not a fan of) affects around 50 homeowners that back to the river between 135th Street and Electric Park. Aside from that, people have been recreating on the river for decades. The IDNR, Village, Park District, etc. approved the tubing business from the get go. They can’t renege on it now. The horse is out of the barn. And the complaints of 50 shouldn’t jeopardize access for all.
  9. Jim J shared this with me: https://www.plfdparks.org/plainfield-park-board-passes-resolution-supporting-public-river-use/
  10. Also, here’s the link to the petition on Change.org: https://www.change.org/p/plainfield-park-district-dupage-river-access-for-everyone
  11. If tubing between 135th Street and Electric Park in Plainfield, yes.
  12. WGN story https://wgntv.com/news/feud-brewing-between-plainfield-residents-tubing-company-over-access-to-dupage-river/ Also, the DNR officers have a list of IL “navigable waterways” deemed for public use. They often refer to this list as the be-all, end-all in trespassing issues. The Dupe, among many other small local rivers we love to fish, is not on that list. I got this directly from a conservation police officer when inquiring about Indian Creek (private). https://www.ilga.gov/commission/jcar/admincode/017/01703704ZZ9996aR.html
  13. Signed. But hoping the tubing business, tiki hut drink vendors, etc. leave Plainfield, etc. and the Dupe goes back to being a quiet little river.
  14. 😪 Sorry to see all this unfold and prayers to all affected. Hopefully this won’t directly impact the Rock River and it’s wildlife. Hope this can get cleaned up relatively quickly.
  15. It’s terrible. Many areas good for kayak fishing are stagnant and the surface full of foamy scum and cottonwood. The extended high heat is just going to make matters worse unless we get a deluge of rain to provide some breath to the river. Otherwise, I imagine fish kills are imminent. The water feels like bath water at the end of the day. Even with good fish handling techniques and quick unhooking, I suspect even C&R mortality rates will sharply increase. I’d expect a summer low to be in the 700-800 CFS range, not 400-500 for weeks on end! Hope it doesn’t persist through July and August. While true, we can still find productive areas on the Fox and have success, the overall situation is dire.
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