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  1. Sad but necessary choice. Hope by late Spring we see signs of hope for normalcy.
  2. Again, understood. I fail to see how improved Federal regs would not have a positive ripple effect. Watersheds don’t have state boundaries. I’m also not advocating the ISA “get involved in national politics”. Trying to be hopeful here.
  3. Understood. Would you like me to amend my comment ? Given the horrorshow of an environmental record the current Administration has generated I was feeling optimistic. Nothing I said was meant to negate working with all sides. I’m fact, I’m hoping that is exactly what happens. Thank you for all that you have done, Mike.
  4. i Not sure how you would construe my comments as "promoting" Being hopeful maybe.
  5. Today was a good day for the environment and water quality. Shadoobie !
  6. Thanks for the good feedback Kevin. I get the part about canoes. I recently replaced my Cranberry Creek with a 14ft. Old Town Osprey. I got lucky and found one for sale made of ROYALEX !! Cue heavenly music here. Much more forgiving on rocks. Super stable, I stand in it with no problem. I could see replacing the center thwart with a seat ( or move the front seat back a bit ) but the outriggers could seal the deal. I'll keep you posted if it looks like I could offer some trips this year.
  7. My family has owned property outside of Rhinelander WI. since 1951. My maternal grandfather purchased 80 acres of land including approx. 600 ft. of lakefront for $10,000. I would spend the entire summer there as a kid from the age of about 5 till I was 16. It was always my desire to live there some day. My girlfriend and I had planned on doing this in the Spring of 2021. The recent pandemic has changed those plans. It's likely we will have to move this year unless a minor miracle occurs. Though I will take early
  8. But hey, there ain’t no climate change. 😉
  9. I have one of the old ones that starts with the maps at the top of the state which I like better. I have tried to mark all the sections of rivers I have floated. Hope you are good to Steve.
  10. I have been using the Gazeteer's for at least 20 years. I have worn through 3 of the Wisconsin editions :-)
  11. Had a cool 'lil experience yesterday. I do most of my fishing in Wisconsin but in the Spring I like to make a few casts locally to get the dust off the gear and get the 'ol arm warmed up. I live just west of the Des Plaines River and there are several forest preserves along the river adjacent to Des Plaines River Rd. In between the preserves are dense wooded areas along the shore. Now I can access the river and fish from these preserves but I am always looking at "alternate" access points. From just south of Milwaukee Ave to just north of Lake/Euclid there is a concrete flood wall. At one spot
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