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Menominee River Mine

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A message from Dick Dragiewicz


Hi Terry,
Want to bring you up to date on the status of the proposed sulfide mine that would be located next to the Menominee River and ask for some help.
In early September, 2016 the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) issued a DRAFT mine permit to Aquila Resources Inc (the mine developer). As part of the process the MDEQ provides a 60 day period for comments from interested parties. They have also arranged a Public Hearing on this mine permit that is scheduled for October 6th, next week Thursday. MDEQ is supposed make its decision on approving or denying this permit by December 1, 2016. If they approve the mine it'll be a disaster for the river and Lake Michigan and our great smallmouth bass fishing.
Myself and others will be at this Public Hearing to voice our opposition to this mine and deliver written comments. My friend Ron Hendriksen heads up Front 40 a mine opposition group located in Stephenson, MI. I've been working with him and others to get citizens motivated to express their opposition to this mine. Yesterday he asked me for some help. This is where I need your help.
He wants individuals and organizations to write letters/notes that oppose the mine that would be delivered to the MDEQ at the Public Hearing. So, I'm asking several fishing and environmental groups/clubs to write these letters.
Who should I contact at the ISA to request this letter. Is it you or someone else?
I have plenty of material explaining the risks of this mine to share with whoever writes the letter. Also my article about this matter that you published in the Bronzeback Magazine in May has plenty of info.
Let me know if the ISA will support the opposition to the proposed mine that would be next to (within 100 to 150 feet) the Menominee River.
Call or write with questions/comments/etc.

Dick Dragiewicz
847-498-3260 Home
847-924-9299 Cell
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