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  1. Once you get above the lower falls, you would have to carry kayak down several stairs to get to the water. First picture is looking upstream from lower falls , [see Scott's picture]. Second pictures is the way to get down to calmer water below upper falls. The last picture is looking at the water you would be kayaking, taken from the upper falls. Maybe not the best place to kayak .
  2. I've lost quite a few like that. It's either on the distant jump or just as I'm reaching to lip them. Special moves that most big fish seem to know.
  3. I enjoyed reading all the reports and looking at all the pictures by everyone that went up to the Menominee this year. On any given day anyone up there has a chance to catch a personal best fish or a personal best total of large fish. Hats off to Scott for organizing this great yearly event. Sign up now for next year!
  4. I can help. I'll see you at the restaurant.
  5. I sent some from the 2019 Road Trip. I hope I'm not holding the fish too close to the camera.🙂
  6. Although the numbers were way down on some days, there were still a lot of nice sized fish caught. Once again, several good looking fish came from right behind the cabin.
  7. Here are a few more pictures from the water willow planting. Thanks to all who attended, and a bigger thanks to those who organized the effort.
  8. The Sunday morning water willow planting on the Fox River was a big success. A large turnout of volunteers made quick work of several flats of plants. I hope others post their pictures or their thoughts. I put this topic here so more would probably take a look at it. This is the type of conservation work that makes me proud to be an ISA member.
  9. I'll be there with a tray of olives, pickles and cheese.
  10. Sorry to miss this one, but I am going to be on a road trip.
  11. I just renewed my Illinois boat registration for my pontoon boat from the DNR. Everything went smoothly. They take the money from your credit card immediately, but it will take 6 to 8 weeks to mail the sticker. I thought I was doing this really early since my current sticker is good until June 30th. They do give you a transaction number that you can show if you get stopped for not having an up to date sticker displayed, but come on, 6 to 8 weeks to send it out. I guess one gets spoiled by getting used to having almost everything you buy these days on the phone or online being sent out immedia
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