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Everglades of the North Debuts on TV!!

Mike Clifford

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Years in the making, it is finally here.


I am extremely excited to see this finally make it to television. Myself and others in the ISA were able to guide the filmmakers on several occasions along this remarkable waterway while filming this incredible documentary, and made friends for life along the way!

Watch the premiere of EVERGLADES OF THE NORTH: The Story of the Grand Kankakee Marsh, on Lakeshore Public Television WYIN on November 5th at 8pm.

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I only drove around a camera man for a couple of hours one morning in my boat at the western end of the Kankakee. I hope they got some useful footage, but I was a very, very small part of the production.


I drove mike around. 1st time on the Kankakee in my Blue Bath Tub :P



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I hope if they show a Minas in the documentary it's Zach and not me. I'd hate to be responsible for folks having nightmares after seeing my mug.


It was definitely worth doing both the stream monitoring demo and everyone taking them out to various locations on the river.

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You can checkout Kankakee Marsh YouTube page here and see clips:






Attached is the channel listing for WYIN. Not sure if they are going to rebroadcast it. My guess is probably yes, at some point.



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The DVD will be available in December. The Special Features not shown last night that includes Norm and I (GASP!) will be included.


For the low, low price of... and available where? Assume sale proceeds go to help restore the river or something along those lines...


Thanks for the listings Eric. I have AT&T and found the channel on there (56). Hopefully it's rebroadcast.

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if you get the dvd and go to the added features you'll see a familiar face. patty sent me one and I bought one. donated one to the Bourbonnais library. Kankakee community college also has a copy I believe.

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