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  1. So a year ago I purchased a 36 volt Motorguide monster of a trolling motor. Problem is that it is a cable steer. My gunnels are to tall to mount the foot pedal. Still new most parts are still in their bags & boxes. Selling for $800.00 firm. great deal at that price.
  2. Glad to hear the Streater dam will prevent them from migrating further. Yes, it's a clean meat. Plus less pollutants than most other fish. We know they are here to stay. Might as well harvest them.
  3. Will the Asian Carp be able to advance? Sorry. I understand dam removal. I like dam removal. Start the debate. Asian Carp can fill the fish fillet quota for all fast fat food they we eat.
  4. I'm planning to fish with you guys. What should I bring?
  5. Thanks Rich! Great day! Great event! Important purpose! Tommy smiled on us with the weather! & Then some GREAT fishing!!!!!!! Thank everyone for a well oiled castng day!
  6. This is truly sad news! I will miss you Ron! Eugene
  7. Very sad to hear. The Kank has lost a great defender! My prayers are with the family
  8. Happy thanksgiving everyone. Bronze Friday! Open seat. Give me a shout
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