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    While the U.S. has been enduring one of the coldest winters with no relief in sight I came across on Accuweather a town in Switzerland of all places that 's had well above average temps all winter mostly in the 30's and 40'sand even some 50's..Could mean that Europe's been warmer than normal.
  2. If true that's the first piece of good news on the environmental front since the election.
  3. Noel's a great addition to the club. Really nice guy and a really fine fisherman as a sampling of his catches attests.
  4. Eric As much as you always enjoy these ffing videos if you ever take it up you'd enjoy actually ffing much much more. Speaking of you tube videos anyone who'd like to witness Gale Sayers' literally otherworldly running ability should google him up on you tube.No one before or since can compare:nor will there ever be.In his rookie season playing in only 8 or 9 games of what was than only a 12 game season he set records as both a back and punt / kickoff returner that few have reached in 16 game seasons. You'll see how he could not only evade tacklers but with his uncanny moves leave them eating dirt in his wake. Enjoy!
  5. I decided on ffing up in the Boundary Waters in the 60's after witnessing a friend of my father catch walleyes and bass with a white bassbug during a white fly hatch. These days at least whenever any politician comes out in favor of trashing the environment for a quick buck you can always count on there being an (R) behind his name
  6. Most often used for trout but also for fnfing smallies. Tim Holschag believes in their effectiveness for bass
  7. ronk

    Too Large

    Kevin After reading your post I used e instead of google for the ISA site which presented the text in normal size. I'll go to G's settings to see if I can correct the problem. If not I'll use e for ISAing. Thanks for the help
  8. Terry You didn't say what you do with the fish while your setting up the tripod etc for the selfie.It's been so long since I caught any pic worthy that I almost forgot;but I seem to recall that I would simply leave it in the water attached to my rod on an appropriate length of line.They quickly relax once they're no longer being pulled against. I usually take a hand shot first in case the fish gets away during set up which is more possible if you go barbless
  9. ronk

    Too Large

    Yes and it's not just when posting as Kevin suggested but whenever I go on this site and it only happens on this site. I noticed when I tried to post a new topic that the font size was a too large 24. When I selected 12 instead nothing changed. Btw I just clicked on your conservation director post As expected the size was too large.Yet when I clicked on the fish pic instruction link the text was the correct smaller size.
  10. ronk

    Too Large

    For some reason the size of only the ISA's text has become too large on my computer. How can it be returned to the previous normal size?
  11. Thanks Bart. The post allows for comment on this ludicrous mine proposal.Let's all do so NOW in no uncertain terms. Will history show that what Hitler was to mankind this bunch of pharisees was to our planet?
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