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Riverbassin' Tournament July 28

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Mark your calenders! Paddle and Trail is hosting the River Bassin' Tournament on July 28, 2012. This eco-friendly tournament is driven by a unique conservation minded, catch-measure-photo-release format that promotes sustainability within the environment. Anglers can fish in rivers or streams in a large area of northern Illinois in kayaks, canoes, or other floatation devices. Shore fishing and wading is also encouraged if you desire to do so. This is a fun family oriented competition that promotes catch and release. Begin fishing at dawn the day of the tournament, and take a photo of your catch on a standard measuring board given to all anglers. Upon taking the photo anglers are to immediately release the fish back into the water for future generations to enjoy.


If you haven't registered yet or need more info including the rules for the tournament and map visit http://riverbassin.eventbrite.com. If you have any other questions or comments about the tournament post them under this forum topic or contact me, Tim Goodman at tgoodmanii@gmail.com or call me at 815-222-9920.


We need everyone to be registered by July 22.


You can also check out the article in the last newsletter about the tournament.


Flyers 2.pdf

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Good news. The July 22 registration deadline has been extended to the day before the tournament July 27. But you will need to go to a Paddle and Trail during business hours or attend the pre-tournament meeting at the Aurora store in order to pick up the official measuring device.If you register on or before July 22nd they can still be shipped to you for a small fee.


We are also offering a $10.00 registration discount for those who have not registered yet. Send me a PM if you would like this discount.


Don't forget the grand prize is a new Coosa fishing kayak!

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We have 15 competitors registered for the tournament so far. 9 of them are ISA members and 2 are relatives of ISA members. With only three days left to register for the tournament, I want to encourage anyone who has been on the fence to come be part of a fun event. And your chances of wining the Coosa or one of the other prizes are pretty good. At the least you will have a great day fishing and join up with several ISA members and others to share stories and a good meal. I also have some lures from a local sponsor to give out for free to those who want them. And don't forget about the $10 discount on registration. Contact me for the discount code by PM or my email address above.

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Was my first Riverbassin' tournament and I had a great time! It was well-organized, casual and low-key. I signed up and fished as an individual. Since the Fox is so low, I left the kayak at home and just shore- and wade-fished. First cast was 5:45 AM. I travelled light with my baitcaster and one small Plano box of lures. It was a day of power fishing! I spot-hopped and worked waters in Geneva, Batavia, Oswego and Aurora. The smallies were aggressive and short fish were out in force. My hot presentation was a 1/4-ounce Eric Bait from Timmay's Tackle. It finally broke in two after fish 56! Ended up with 59 bass, primarily smallmouth with a few largemouth and one white bass. The three largest bass that I scored were fairly short at 14", 15.25", 15.5" (total score 44.75"). Like most of the tourney participants, I had my share of blunders throughout the day and lost a biggie here and there. But overall, I sure can't complain!


Topwater was fairly uneventful but the 5" double-tail Yamamoto Hula Grub rigged on a slider head worked out as a great sub-surface presentation for finicky bass that boiled on the spinnerbait but needed some extra coaxing.


Check-in was at 4:30 PM and around 5:30 PM we had an awards ceremony, food and drinks at Ballydoyle Irish Pub in Aurora. I think at that point everyone needed a few beers after a long, hot day on the water.


Our very own master fly angler Tom L. won the individual category (and the grand prize: a Jackson Kayak Coosa) with three 17"+ beauties. Congratulations Tom!


When the festivities were over, Tom and I hit the river once again and exercised a few more Aurora smallies. I picked up another 7 fish on a 3/8-ounce Eric Bait and Tom landed a few on the long rod. Was our first time fishing downtown Aurora and there are some neat urban spots.


Had a really fun day and would definitely do it again! Thanks to Paddle & Trail, Kenny Abbott, Tim Goodman, Jim Jozwiak and all who worked hard to make the event FUN and a success!

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Guest rich mc

congrats to Tom on his victory over a seasoned group of anglers . and to beat them with the fly rod is spectacular. Tom what flies were working? rich

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Event Recap from the "Statmaster" Kenny Abbott:


18 Individual Entries, 4 Team Entries, & 10 Big Fish Entries


Total Length (of top 3 fish) of all individuals = 468.25" @ avg 33.45"


Team Class Awards:


1st Place = Chris LeMessurier / Paul Biediger @ 66.75" (total top-4, 2 each), biggest @ 17.5", avg @ 16.69 ($100) *(Grand Prize includes 1 night, double-occupancy, at Comfort Suites of Downtown Aurora)


2nd Place = Frank Macikas / Bart Durham @ 57.0", biggest @ 17.0", avg @ 14.25" ($80)


*(2 other teams did not qualify for awards)


Individual Class Awards:


1st Place = Tom Loo @ 51.75" (total top-3), biggest fish @ 17.5", avg @ 17.25" ($100) *(Loo donated 1st place grand prize Jackson Coosa Kayak to ISA.)


2nd Place = Paul Biediger @ 49.25" total, biggest @ 16.75", avg @ 16.4" ($75)


3rd Place = Chris LeMessurier @ 49" total, biggest @ 17.5, avg @ 16.33" ($50)


Biggest Fish Award:


1st Place = Chris LeMessurier @ 17.5" ($100 Cash)


*(Jan Panlilio @ 18.0" & Tom Loo @ 17.5" did not register for the "Biggest Fish" category.)


Additional Awards include:


"Longest Drive" Mobile Gas Card from Paul & Bills' Service & Wash = Ray Fesemeyer


"Raffle for a Paddle" = Bart Durham


"Battle for a Bait Box" = Colin Belle

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Yea, really fantastic donation to the ISA. Tom told me he was vey appreciative of the ISA and its support. He's learned a lot about smallmouth fishing from the ISA and this was his very generous way to give back to the organization. Of course for other species he's teaching us a lot!



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From Walter, the owner of Paddle and Trail Sports:


Jim -


I heard from a number of folks that the tournament went very well and all involved had a great time.


I appreciate all that that ISA did in support of the tournament and continued efforts in helping further the sport of paddlesport angling.


We look forward to our continued relationship with the ISA in encouraging and looking for different and creative ways to inspire others to join the growing ranks of paddlesport anglers.





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Thanks guys. I think the real big thanks should be to the sponsors (Jackson Kayak, Paddle & Trial and other) and those individuals that put in times and efforts to make it happened. All I did was fished and had fun. And it was a lot of fun.


I hope next year there will be more participants. The tournament formmat was really simple: 3 fish. I think everybody has a fair chance of winning. You don't have to be a seasoned angler.


What flies did the trick?

I did change a lot of flies, but the 3 biggest fish felt for:


* a white marabou muddler

* a tan marabou muddler

* and my modified meat whistle.


So, keep an eye out for the RiverBassin' Tournament next year.

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Thanks for detailing the tourney's results along with your own misadventures.The lack of surface success is puzzling especially in low water conditions.The trick these days isn't finding fish but finding size worthy ones which makes Tom"s consistent success in that regard all the more impressive.


You continue to do the Bassbuggers proud.Congrats!! I took a break from the crazy wading conditions on the Dupe to fish the Fox on Friday & today.The low water was a chance to go with a 4wt.I hit 19. Only 2 were big with neither landed.One was a smallie that came unpinned(what else is new) on a tequeeley, The other seemed like a bite off on a murdich from possibly a musky? which I've heard exist in the Fox.Once again congrats on your victory & for doing it old school with the time honored muddler.

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Congratulations Tom! Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone humble and willing to share information win the tourney this year! The rivers are all big enough and hold enough fish, that there is no need to keep them a secret. Keep up the good work and excellent posts, no one deserves the win more than you!

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Tom has earned the spotlight with his win! In addition, our own Frank M. and Bart D. took second in the team division. Despite a few heartbreaks, the Dupe was good to them. They put in a good effort and were rewarded. Was great to meet up with them and have a few frosty beverages after a hot day of fishing! Congrats guys.

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Thanks to all the guys who came out for the tournament. Paddle and Trail did an excellent job once again hosting the tournament. Congratulations to Tom, Bart, and Frank.


I had a good three mile wade on a small stream. Landed 31 smallmouth. Unfortunately I lost my biggest fish of the day which went 17-18 inches. It's tough to keep a feisty smallmouth still on a measuring board long enough to get a good picture. After it flopped off the board and got covered in sand I had to get him back in the water before another attempt at a pic. It did a strong head shake, I lost my grip, and the fish vanished before I even knew what happened. Oh well, that's fishing.


Most of the fish were in the 9-13 inch range. I did get two 15's and a 15.5. Not even close to Tom's 3 fish. I was using 4" berkley power worms and Bass-ett Bait Craw TT both rigged on an 1/8th ounce slider head. Fish were caught in deeper holes on outside bends near logs and current.


It was a fun day and great company at the results show. I'm looking forward to next year. I hope to see more of you out there and better river conditions.

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Frank and I had a great time at the Riverbassin tournament. We caught fish throughout the day and had our share of heartaches as Frank had a potential 20" on the line pulling it into his kayak when his frayed line broke near the hook. We both got a view of the football head on the fish and it was by the far the biggest one of our catch. Despite the setback, I managed to get a 17" and two 15.5" fish and Frank did nearly as well. Unfortunately we were a few minutes late for weigh in and were docked several inches from our total which may or may not have made a difference. A hard lesson learned nonetheless. We used primarily Berkley power worms throughout the day. I trailed mine on a football jig and Frank used a weighted hook. We really enjoyed the ceremony afterwards and the cold beverage and fellowship with all the contestants. We look forward to participating in next year's event which will hopefully be even bigger and better!

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Um I've been "out of the loop" for a bit, but I would like to give a big congrats to Tom for not only winning in a tournament with the long rod but donating his winnings back to the club. Just goes to show in the right conditions you can do better fly fishing than with hardwear.

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