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  1. Tail = Craft Fur (CF) Body = Craft Fur (CF) Flash = Krytal Flash or Flashabou Head = Deer Hair or Deer Body Hair (spun Muddler style) Hook = Gamakatsu SS15 size 2 or 1. CF Muddler is short for Craft Fur Muddler. Hope that helps. Very easy fly to tie.
  2. This was my secret weapon on the Menominee trip this year. 90% of the fish I caught on the trip were on this fly, fished by itself. It is basically a CF Muddler in olive, yellow, and orange combo. I'd never have much luck fishing this fly on the Fox but the Menominee's smallies couldn't resist it. I noticed that Alan Sherman had good success fishing a bad-hair-day in the same colors scheme prior year while we were fishing together. It was amazing to see big smallies hit the fly as soon as it hit the water or chased after it on the flats in few inches of water. May be the fly looks lik
  3. Cleaned and well organized. My tying table would be cleaned and organized for a few days and would go back to being messy again.
  4. Hi Scott. Please put me down for Group 1 8/7-8/10. Thank you.
  5. Yes Mark, with a floating line and a 9' leader. With the high water, I found a lot of fish around the shallow flats and mid stream humps (1'-3') - in front of the flats/humps where the river bed going from deep to shallow, behind the flats/humps where the bottom going from shallow to deep, outside drop-offs of the flats, and pockets inside the flats. You need a fly that rides close to the surface so your fly doesn't hang-ups on the bottom all the time. The CF Muddler, if fished by itself would swim only 1"-6" under the surface, worked great in this situation and had caught a lot of f
  6. Mark, all fish were caught with the fly rod. The Foxy and CF Muddler were my go-to.
  7. The water was at the highest I'd seen. Fished for 2 days on Sunday and Monday - Sun full day and Mon AM with John L and solo on Mon PM. The first day had 20+ smallies + a bonus 21.5" walleye and the second day had 30+ fish. As for size while, it was typical of the Memominee, mostly in the 14-17" range, a few in the 18 , 19 range and a few in the 10 - 13. This is my best trip (out of 4) in terms of number. Every time I thought I had her figured out, she showed me something new.
  8. Jim, I had good luck with the Foxy and the CF Muddlers in white yellow and tan. Alan did well with the BadHairDay and Fuzzy Grub.
  9. Nice looking fly. What kind of eyes are on the fly (lead or stick-on)?
  10. Nice looking flies John. They both could be passed off as hellgrammite or stone fly. What is the underbody of the first fly and what size hook?
  11. Have not played with this particular rig, but had tried something similar. I used a streamer hook, tied a AFW Surflon Micro Supreme 20lbs loop to connect a size 2 Octopus hook. After finishing tying the fly I cut the hook point of the streamer hook.
  12. Forgot to mention that the eyes were made out of these hair brushes from Dollar Store.
  13. Rich, I experimented with both size 2 & 4. In the top picture, 2 of those flies were size 2 and the other 2 were size 4. The hooks were Mustad Ultrapoint 32833NP-BN 2 Extra Strong. They are 90deg jig hooks. Thanks for the compliments everyone. Can't wait to try it out.
  14. I started out wanted to tie Allen Sherman’s Fuzzy Grub that I witnessed the Menominee’s smallies couldn’t resist while fishing with him this year on the ISA Road trip, but I didn’t not have any EP Tarantura brush on hand. So I substituted the EP Tarantura brush with chenille and hackle. The finished fly was basically a Wooly Bugger with silicon rubber tail instead of the traditional marabou tail. Next, I thought maybe adding eyes would make the fly looks much more buggier. So it turned into this fly: The Sili Bugger. Not sure if the fly already exists in another name, because it's bas
  15. Thanks everyone for attending. It was great as usual. We will do it again next year.
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