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  1. Scott, Put me down for Group 1 8/7-8/10. Tim Goodman
  2. I’m glad to hear the surgery went well. Heal well, Sylvania is coming.
  3. I’ll do breakfast. I may do a little fishing in the afternoon.
  4. I have a pair of size 10 Cabela’s wading boots for sale. I bought them a couple years ago, wore them one time and discovered they were too small. I put off returning them now they are discontinued. I’m asking $50. I can bring them with me to the Blowout if someone going is interested.
  5. I agree. He made our Door County trip something to remember. Even if we couldn’t convince him that Mongolians hunt wolves with eagles.
  6. It was a good breakfast with a great bunch of fishermen. It was good to see you all. Terry, you are missing an “i”.
  7. Jude Bug and a Clouser Minnow....enough said:-)
  8. Nice to get together with you all. Thanks for setting it up Terry. I'm looking forward to the float next month weather permitting.
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