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Member Poll: Where Did You Sign Up to Join?

Mike Clifford

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Since our last Member Survey, we have had many new ISA Members join the fold, but at the same time we're interested in knowing where anyone reading this signed on to join us and/or renew their membership.


Please respond to the following:


Where did you sign on the dotted line as a new member, or to renew?



Sports Show (Which one?)

Conservation/Youth Event (Which one?)

Website Form

Newsletter/Mailed Form

Bronzeback Blowout




Thanks much, your participation is appreciated!

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Welcome to the ISA message boards, Mark.

Thanks for chiming in.

If there is anything you'd like to know more about and don't see it here, please feel free to ask and we'll get you the information you need.


The Calendar link in the upper right corner of this page provides details on all upcoming club events.


Feel free to discuss them on the site in club-specific forums whenever you have questions or suggestions!

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When I think back, I believe it was Norm Minas that essentially convinced me to sign up, at the same banquet Gary spoke of in Kankakee.

I remember speaking at length with Rich about conservation issues, and I was sold on the group right there and then.

Ended up helping out, saw a photo on the back page of the newsletter where I helped with food distribution and knew this group was something I needed to be a part of.

I was a devoted cat fisherman at the time, passionate about the Kankakee and interested in unlocking her secrets.

Learned the ways of the almighty smallmouth soon after joining.....


The rest is history.

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I signed up on the site however since I mailed a check I also used the form I received at the second Blowout I attended. I first heard about the ISA from Don R back when he was temporarily in the canoe rental business. I also heard about it from Eric up at Coren's and the One More Cast shop (his name escapes me at the moment). The point is I had multiple exposure to it's existence. It took me a while to sign up as every outing or conservation project occured when I was busy. I'm glad I finally joined and managed to make it to one event. Hopefilly I can make more...

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Arlington Sports Show about 7 or 8 years ago. Don't remember who was working the booth, but I appreciate the gentle twist of the arm.


Must not have been Jim.

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Chicago region meeting at Pal Joey's restaurant in West Chicago with Vic Santucci as speaker. Fall of 2002? - anyway Ken was region coordinator at the time. Water willow planting the next summer was the first event I attended, run by Mark Kasic. Was very impressed by the turnout & what the group could accomplish in a half day.

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First time I think it was from a brochure the ISA used to have for recruiting. Lord knows I handed out enough of those things afterwards.


Second time paid Don Rego at the Tinley Show, hope he didn't buy some tubes with it.


Zach from form in ISA newsletter.


edit for spelling

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