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Upper Wisco Trip

Ben K.

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I had the pleasure of joining Paul, Terry, and Gordon on fishing and camping trip in July. We fished some of the most beautiful water I've ever seen. It was fun to navigate, and the potential of a nice fish from every nook and cranny of the river was overwhelming. I brought some cameras along and did my best to balance fishing, filming, and just being in the moment. We were blessed with good weather, flows, and even better company. The smallmouth were really keyed in on crawfish but the almighty whopper plopper pulled up some quality fish from the shallows. We found some Esox too..









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That was certainly a memorable adventure with Ben, Terry and the last day with Gordon.  Fishing was tough at times. Some sections had low numbers of active fish but the ones I caught were giants. The day with Gordon had ridiculous numbers of solid fish buy we didn't catch any bass significantly over 18".  My fishing highlights were a 20"+ smallmouth on a whopper plopper and a 40"+ musky on a senko of all things.  Ben K gets the assist on both as he played a role in my encounters with both of these.


This trip was much more to me than just a fishing trip trying to catch fish. It was an adventure in truly wild sections of river with a great group of guys. I think Ben did an outstanding job of capturing the essence of our adventures. I like the focus on the natural beauty and the intimate connection with nature you get when you're out there floating in a remote river. Thanks for helping me relive the moments as my local rivers are all flooded.


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