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Found 4 results

  1. Ben K.

    Mixed bag

    This was a little Covid project that’s technically unfinished. I corrupted a file and didn’t feel like starting from scratch.
  2. Hello my name is Benjamin and I am a river smallmouth addict.
  3. Last year Tom Loo posted a video from Todd Moen called Fall Run. I consider that the last little push it took me to step out of my comfort zone and try fly fishing, so first off, thanks Tom. I've shared that video with a lot of people, it really echoes a lot of how I think about fishing in general, fly or not. Within a week of watching Fall Run, I found myself at Bass pro testing out rods, shopping on amazon, feverishly researching tactics and terminology, then finally gearing up and heading out for my first trip. I'm lucky to have some friends who are already experienced in most aspects of fly fishing and over our three outings I learned a lot. I was humbled and enjoyed every second of it. I also found myself behind my camera more, which brings me to this. The Remedy Fishing Channel is a new project of mine, I'll be working with Anthony at www.trouterspace.com amongst others to bring all sorts of content to the channel. I hope to do some stuff with the ISA as well. This video journal is focused on entertainment, no tips tricks or advice, just a visual medium to remember the fall run of 2014 by. I hope you all enjoy it and subscribe for future videos. I plan to elaborate more on the channel soon, good things to come!
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