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Thank you Terry Dodge!

Frank Briggs

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I just want to take a minute and thank Terry for doing such a great job putting together the e-news magazine all these months. I know he puts good amount of time in this and I want him to know it is much appreciated.! Keep up the great job Terry and let's help him by contributing articles and anything else that may be interesting to other members!

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Terry's push to go digital has saved the club a bunch of money. This really helped since we couldn't do our annual Bronzeback fundraiser for 2 years. It also allowed us to lower the membership dues. Content is still good and we can link digitally to advertisers and other resources.

Part of me still misses those printed bulletins but this change was necessary for long term viability of our club. I'm glad most of the membership feedback is positive. 

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Wow! Thanks so much for the kind words. Good to hear and good to know. Wasn’t sure how well the new version of the Bronzeback Bulletin was going over. I do really enjoy working on it and love the challenge of trying to improve on it with each edition. We ain’t at the top yet with this thing and I’m excited to keep climbing and reaching higher. The print version set a pretty high bar. Be sure to let me know if I start slipping.

1 hour ago, John Gillio said:

Who’s artwork is on the cover of the new issue?

That would be Mr. Fill Turd Image. I try to stay away from him. Just trying to mix things up. I need to take more pictures!

Thanks again!


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