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  1. Thanks for the heads up on these, guys.
  2. I would say that, "Match the hatch", worked well for you. Nice baby pearch fly!
  3. I get my share of throwbacks with those too. Just say, " Thanks for letting me see what I missed out on" and carry on.
  4. That sounds like a nice space to spend some time in.👍
  5. This is my tying room at Music Suite 408 at the Fine Arts Factory. The other half of the room is storage space for office supplies and such. The photo above my desk was taken by a friend the artwork to the left was a gift. The rest is some of my photography that we use to fill in the gallery when no artist is on display.
  6. That should be nice. I picked up a roll top a few yrs back at a garage sale and set it up in a room my wife is using as a storage room in her place of business. I'm right across from the main office near the entrence to the business. This is nice because I get to visit when clients come in. An elderly friend gave me a number of vices and a bunch of tying materials that I store there also. It all comes in handy as I have been doing tying demos for the BFAs fishing expo, a fishing rodeo for a sportsman's club, and other odds and ends. I'll try to remember to take a photo and post it here. Fill u
  7. Impressive looking bug. I would say, that should catch fish.
  8. Sorry to see this. To many people out there seem to care less about conservation issues and the work people put in to bring areas like Rock Creek to the public. To go out of the way to destroy these signs is a shameful act.
  9. Attaching a carabiners ( spring snap link ) to your belt, belt loop, tackle bag, etc, allows you to easily slide the cane in and out and keep it out of the way when not in use. Or just slide it under your belt. Works for me anyway.
  10. I have seen quite a few smallies over the yrs with a hunched back and or a twisted or rippled spine. Not sure what the cause of this actually is.
  11. I hate when the rod sections separate like that. Nice report.
  12. I've used these shoes a number of times now. Tightening the laces and wearing neoprene socks keeps the sand to a minimum even though the tongue is not bellowed. They are holding up well so far. I do agree with John about protection against chunks of rock above the sole. Not much there. Not good on algae covered rock either. Still, a comfy shoe. I see that Orvis has come out with their Pro series wet wade shoe. Looking at it's reviews, it could be fairly good option too. Grip may be better, sounds like neoprene socks are a must to keep debris out, lightweight.
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