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  1. I missed that. My bad.
  2. Ryan, I'd like to add Tim Flagler to the list of names of tyers doing videos. He would be my favorite of the bunch. As Mark mentioned, the Mustad 3366 hooks are good hooks at a nice price. Another reason I like them is because they have a little wider hook gap which seems to give a better hook set. I won't answer the question you had for Mark though I will say that as you become a better caster you will be able to throw heavier flies on lower line weights. Your casting ability determines the size fly you can throw, to a great extent.
  3. A book I really like that is great for beginners and anyone else that likes to catch fish on flies is, "Simple Flies: 52 Easy-to-Tie Patterns that Catch Fish", by Morgan Lyle. The patterns are great and the book starts off discussing tools, materials and techniques. I highly recommend it.
  4. Congrats on that first smallie on the fly. I never expected to enjoy fly fishing nearly as much as I have come to. Sounds like you've got the bug. Whether you are throwing flies or lures, you have landed on the right place.
  5. Another good book is,"Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass", by Harry Murry and illustrated by Dave Whitlock. It discusses tackle, casting, reading the water, flies, techniques, etc.
  6. Thanks Terry. Very entertaining.
  7. I 2nd Frank's thoughts. Thank you Terry.
  8. Thanks for the heads up on these, guys.
  9. I would say that, "Match the hatch", worked well for you. Nice baby pearch fly!
  10. I get my share of throwbacks with those too. Just say, " Thanks for letting me see what I missed out on" and carry on.
  11. That sounds like a nice space to spend some time in.👍
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