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  1. Interesting. Thanks for sharing that info.
  2. Very nice! I’ve talked to many rod builders about the same thing. They say that keeping it a hobby keeps it fun. Do you just repair string instruments or do you work on others too?
  3. Wow, that’s an interesting combo. Violins to poppers then back to violins again. I’m intrigued. Is violin making something you do on the side or is it your main gig?
  4. Thanks for sharing that , Eric.
  5. It may well be a winner, but don’t name it one until you catch a fish with it. Don’t want to jinx a winner. 🙂 After that first fish you can say with confidence that you caught it on Fisher’s Buoyant Winner.😁
  6. I’ll throw in my opinion, for what it’s worth. I fish both fly and spin gear. The fly you tied looks like it would work quite well on bass. With the rabbit strip it should have a tantalizing slow sink rate. I think adding weight to the fly would mess with it’s motion. Fifty-five feet wet isn’t too bad. If you want to get more distance without sacrificing line strength, adding an eighth ounce split shot about 12” above it for those longer casts should suffice. This would still let the fly retain some of it’s buoyant properties. I would say you have a winner there.
  7. Cool looking carp! What did he hook that one on?
  8. Colin, that looks like a good one too. Nicely tied.
  9. Oh Rob! That looks like a good one. What size hook do you prefer for that one?
  10. Rob, with all the drought conditions around us the big Vermilion has remained unable to wade due to rains to the southeast of us. Everything else has been very low. Haven’t tried for grass carp at all yet.
  11. Very nice ties gentlemen! I may have to give those mopper poppers a try. I’ve been having a hard time getting out too. Only had 2 smallie outings this yr , with very limited success.
  12. Very nice! The perfect mix of beauty, relaxation, and excitement. Loved it.
  13. When they are tailing, I have had luck with a size 8-10 black marabou leach tied with a black pull chain dumbbell head. Black rubber legs help. I have had them on other dark colored nymphs too, as well as small crayfish patterns. The trick is to time it so it moves near the carps head as it is feeding. Hits are often hard to detect so a soft hook set if you see the fish turn its head often works and it doesn’t pull the fly to far away so the fish may strike again.
  14. Would love to see what you are tying and catching.
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