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  1. Very nice! The perfect mix of beauty, relaxation, and excitement. Loved it.
  2. When they are tailing, I have had luck with a size 8-10 black marabou leach tied with a black pull chain dumbbell head. Black rubber legs help. I have had them on other dark colored nymphs too, as well as small crayfish patterns. The trick is to time it so it moves near the carps head as it is feeding. Hits are often hard to detect so a soft hook set if you see the fish turn its head often works and it doesn’t pull the fly to far away so the fish may strike again.
  3. Would love to see what you are tying and catching.
  4. Nice Ben, love that roll top.
  5. Nice! You can tell who spends the most time at his table.👍
  6. Thanks Terry. Great photos! I hope one day I’ll be able to make one of those Kish trips.
  7. Joel, looks like I would like to nest there. Nice space!
  8. Never tried this bait, but looks super realistic when worked like that guy is doing it.
  9. I agree with Kev. A tiny-torpedo in black or a black/orange combo would probably work well. I would darken the jitterbug lip with a black marker. May not make a dif with smallmouth, as they are so aggressive anyway, but a big old carp may be turned away by the silver lip.
  10. It seems to be a dough bait rig (or whatever type of bait is pressed into the cage) with multiple hooks hanging from it like an Illinois rig. There are often piles of cooked corn along this area. Maybe cooked corn is being pressed into the cage and is also being used on the hooks.
  11. Yes it does, except it had a number of swivels attached to it that each had a hook and line attached.
  12. Pulled this gizmo out of the river while sauger fishing. I was told that it holds carp bait used as chum. There are a lot of carp fishermen in the area. A baited hook dangles on a line from one end the other end has line to the rod and reel, so it can be cast into the body of water being fished. Can’t say I’ve seen one like this before.
  13. Looks like you have a good start. The flies are definitely tied well enough to fool the fish you are after. Any type of small bass popper would help round things out. I personally like the small Wapsi size 8, soft foam, "Perfect Popper" body, or the Rainy's, "Mini-Me" in the same size. They should cast well with a 4 wt, and can also be turned backwards to create a gurgler such as a sneaky peat. I like to up the hook size to a size 4 Mustad 3366 hook when using them for smallies. The wapsi poppers come with instructions for creating a very productive fly (it calls for the use of Sily Legs or Larva Lace) or you can just get creative. It's also good to carry an unweighted streamer like a Murdich Minnow in a size 4 or 6 also. Have fun filling that box.
  14. Looks great Ryan. That will surely catch fish. The Clouser has been a top producer for myself and many other smallie fishermen. 👍
  15. I missed that. My bad.
  16. Ryan, I'd like to add Tim Flagler to the list of names of tyers doing videos. He would be my favorite of the bunch. As Mark mentioned, the Mustad 3366 hooks are good hooks at a nice price. Another reason I like them is because they have a little wider hook gap which seems to give a better hook set. I won't answer the question you had for Mark though I will say that as you become a better caster you will be able to throw heavier flies on lower line weights. Your casting ability determines the size fly you can throw, to a great extent.
  17. A book I really like that is great for beginners and anyone else that likes to catch fish on flies is, "Simple Flies: 52 Easy-to-Tie Patterns that Catch Fish", by Morgan Lyle. The patterns are great and the book starts off discussing tools, materials and techniques. I highly recommend it.
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