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Waterwillow planting this Saturday

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Well we dodged the deluge yesterday. O'hare - 1.67", south suburbs 4" & flooding. The Kank from 4000cfs to 10000cfs & rising, the Fox from 1360 to 1780 & dropping. Combined with a week out forecast suitable for September the planting is on for this Saturday 17/19/14, 8AM start. We will meet & plant at:

Batavia VFW

645 S. River Street

Batavia, IL. 60510


Bring waders & gloves & remember all help is needed. If you haven't done this before we plant in teams & kids can assist pulling plants from the trays & handing them for placement. You don't have to man a dibble spade for the morning, you can trade off. With ample help we can finish by late morning & I'll grill lunch. Fishing afterwards (or before) for any who can. post or pm if you are coming.



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Checked the site yesterday, water is a little high but we'll be planting in ankle deepth with no current towards the tail end of the island. I'll have Eugene's pond hopper to move materials & anyone who doesn't want to cross waist deep water to get to the island. Weather looks perfect.

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I was out of town, so I didn't make it this year. Very informative video Scott. Nice work guys and gals. It was neat to see the older established plants doing so well.

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Every year I come to the planting I forget to bring gloves and my hands suffer for it.This year I made sure to have them along.Trouble is when I pulled in and saw all you guys wearing them I realized that this time I forgot the waders :wacko: So I headed to Lombard to help out with the Orvis store's ffing class instead.

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Fine work men. (And lady :) )

Thanks to John and Ed for serving up a great lunch!

Thanks to Larry for growing some strong seedlings.

There was much satisfaction seeing the plantings

from last year, they will be thriving before long.

Jamie and I watched the video together.

Nicely done,Scott!

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