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  1. It doesn't take long to get messed up, that's for sure!😁
  2. My station is very messy at the moment, I have been tying randomly through out this fishing season. This is my basement. It is a music studio, tying station, office man cave. I like seeing what you all have going on. Rich you have to post a pic of your station, I am intrigued!
  3. The weather was perfect, warm partly cloudy days followed by calm cool evenings. The bite was slow but steady, The fish large and angry! It is every angler’s challenge to solve the mysteries of weather and water to find fish that will eat our offerings to allow us moments of sheer joy. The highlights of this four day ISA adventure includes; whopper popper bites yielding many 18’s and 19’s, campfires and camaraderie, and fish stories galore! I traveled up with Bart. He was kind enough to haul my Nucanoe even though he had his Towee boat trailered. We fished together in the Towee, a
  4. Nice fish Paul. Please, don’t catch em all! 😆
  5. Absolutely! Give me a shout. 773-297-3542
  6. As a first time Road Tripper, and first time on the Menominee, I have a few noobie questions: What time is check in/ check out? How are meals handled? Any fly/lure recommendations? What are the safe USGS gauge levels? I will be bringing my kayak, any advice there 🙂 Thank you in advance, looking forward to this. Jim
  7. This Is amazing! More humans of this variety are in high demand. We dont own nature, just borrow it from our children.
  8. Nice work! Love the use of hair brush parts for eyes. Have you been able to fish them? I imagine they will sink nearly horizontally as the rubber legs may balance out the weighted eyes. ??
  9. Thank you to everyone who came and tied! God Bless y’all. Here’s to a healthy, happy 2020🎣
  10. Thank you, John. Look forward to it. Cory will coming up to tie with us.
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