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just curious

John Gillio

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When fishing from boat, wading or shore, I prefer to use my 7ft Medium, Quantum Superlite PT paired with a Quantum Energy PTi30, spooled with 6-8lb fluorocarbon or 10lb braid with a 8lb fluorocarbon leader. This is a great all around spinning rod for me. I use it for grubs, shaky heads, live bait applications, small crank baits and drop shots.

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Boat and shoreline.


For casting applications I use a medium action 6' baitcaster with Curado reel. Spooled with 12# mono, it casts 1/4 oz and heavier baits easily.


Back to the rules of the thread, for smaller baits, I "goto" a 6' med light Garcia spinning rod with a US Reel Supercaster 180. Though I would like to use my longer rods more, the six footers are really so easy to transport in boat or car that I frequently forgo the adavantag of an extra foot on the rod.

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7 ft St Croix Avid Diawa 3000 Coastal Reel one spool 12 lb McCoys Mean Green for day to day other spool 15 lb McCoys Mean Green for fishing amongst flooded trees and such


Back when I was obsessed with 20 inch plus smallies I used a 7 ft medium heavy with 17 lb XT or McCoys Mean Green, caught a lot of them with the heavier tackle


Heavier line doesn't deter smallmouth and when you have a big fish in the harder flows I fish it's your duty to land them as fast as possible to avoid lactic acid buildup. Heavier tackle is the most ethical way in my opinion.


Start with big, aggressive lures and work back not the other way around.





only wade, don't own any type of watercraft

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Currently I mostly use a 7 ft St. Croix Premier med fast. Sometimes it's just a skosh too much rod but overall it's been a great tool. If forced to get a new one I would look for something just a skosh lighter in action and faster in the tip. Not necessarily med light but maybe upgrade to St. Croix's next model or look at a different brand.


Even if I owned any watercraft I think I would prefer wading or walking the banks as it seems you are just a little more in tune w/nature. Wading puts you closer and in a more intimate relationship with the body of water you are fishing (jmo). That being said floating silently down a river is pretty sweet and I do miss the old days boat fishing w/my friends. I'm sure in 20 plus years I'll want to be back in boat ;)

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Custom spinning rod built on a St. Croix SC III 6'6" one piece blank, medium power, fast action. If the fish tend to run smaller then I often use the exact same rod but built on the medium light power blank. Always Shimano spinning reels but the line is forever changing as I'm continually experimenting with the latest, greatest stuff on the market.

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