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ISA is excited to announce that our

ISA Outdoor Summer Extravaganza will take place on Saturday, June 4th, 2022, at the Whalon Lake Lakeside Shelter from 12 noon to 3 pm.  

The event is free to all ISA members and guests and will include Lunch, Raffles, Silent Auction, Cast & Compare Station, and we’re sure some good ol’ fashioned Smallmouth Talk.

All ISA members that attend, who are current and up-to-date on their ISA Membership, will receive a free customized ISA hat.

Feel free to arrive early and bring your fishing gear, kayak, and bike, as Whalon Lake presents excellent fishing opportunities and a bike trail that encircles the lake. 

More info coming soon in a Special Edition, ISA Summer Extravaganza newsletter. 

~Bart Durham

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Only three weeks away, this outdoor event should be a blast with great prizes, food and free ISA hat to all members.  

Bring your fishing gear:  Whalon Lake holds smallmouth, largemouth bass and walleye.  The East Branch of DuPage River is located next to Whalon Lake and also holds smallmouth and other species.  

Bring your walking shoes and/or bikes, as a scenic bike trail loops around the lake.

Looking forward to some great  smallmouth talk as well.  Hope to see you there!

Please post here with any questions about the event.

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It's not too late to make plans to attend this Saturday's ISA Summer Extravaganza Picnic at the Whalon Lake outdoor pavilion in South Naperville.  No tickets are required to attend, just show up by yourself or bring your friends and family!

It looks like the weather is going to be great, with temps predicted to be in the upper 70s under partly sunny skies, with light wind. 

The event runs from 12-3 with festivities scheduled as follows:

12 noon; Greeting and social hour, ISA update on upcoming events, viewing of raffle prizes and silent auction;

1:00  Lunch (Salad, grilled hot dogs, chips and fruit, chocolate sheet cake);

2:00  Raffle & Silent Auction

Feel free to arrive early and bring your fishing gear, boat, kayak or canoe as Whalon Lake has a boat launch near the pavilion.  Whalon Lake also has a walking/bike trail that circles the lake so shore fishermen can access the entire lake.  The East Branch of Dupage River runs next to the lake and is known to hold smallmouth bass and is also available to fish.

All paid members that attend the event will receive a free ISA hat.

We have some tremendous prizes for the raffle  including custom ISA Chippewa River Spinning Rods and Fly rod donated by Jeff Tallis and assortment of great spin and fly fishing prizes.  

We will also have a silent auction for several guided trips.

The entrance to Whalon Lake is located at the intersection of Royce Road and Lisson Road in Naperville.  Follow the entrance on the south side of Royce Road road down the hill, past the dog park to where the road ends at the boat ramp to Whalon Lake.   The pavilion is located next to the boat ramp.  You will see the ISA signs near the Pavilion.  We look forward to seeing you there.  Any questions, feel free to post here or call me at 630-399-8266.



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It sure was great to see everyone at the Extravaganza! Been a long time since I’ve heard such good smallmouth talk. Big thanks to Allen, Bart, and John for their hard work. Congrats to all raffle and silent auction winners! Can’t wait to see who picked the only rod that catches fish. 😁 You had to be there.


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That was a really nice event. Thanks to everyone who did the work, and to all who showed up and endured the Canadian cool summer weather!


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Thanks to everyone that showed up at Saturday's Extravaganza Picnic.  It was great seeing everyone after a long hiatus on public gatherings due to covid.  The ISA hats given to all members that attended looked spectacular.  

I enjoyed seeing our old members and the many new members that attended.  The food was delicious and a lot of members won some great prizes and trips.  Even though the weather was a little off, the shelter worked well and we all mingled under the roof and had a great time! Thanks again for coming out and supporting the ISA!

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On 6/6/2022 at 1:45 PM, Paul Trybul said:

I know it looked like I was helping cook the hot dogs but I was huddled up there for the warmth. It was great to catch up with long time members and meet some new members. I feel like I was stealing winning the guided trips with Rich and Eugene. 

Ha! If anyone does not need a guide, it's Paul!  😄

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While I certainly have proved I can catch fish out there on my own, there is still value to what Rich and Eugene have offered.  Rich has a nice boat and has been fishing Shabbona since they flooded it.  The knowledge and the gas I save not hassling with my boat is worth was I paid.  With Eugene I get the chance to fish a bigger river like the Rock out of a boat and just fish. I don't have to worry about the hassle of my boat and struggling with boat position all day.  Kind of like what you have been doing for Joz and and your friend that needed a pick me up.  For me there is value for that service. I'd pay you $50 to take me out on the Fox for a day while you hold the kayak in position and recommend high percentage places to cast. Could I catch nice smallmouth on my own on the Fox,,,....you bet. I would most likely catch more, learn more, and enjoy the experience better if I paid you the $50.

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  • Terry Dodge changed the title to ISA SUMMER EXTRAVAGANZA

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