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  1. John I'll have to ask him. I'll let you know
  2. https://www.outdoornews.com/2016/07/25/odd-finned-carp-pulled-from-im-canal-creates-e-wave-of-fish-talk-photo/ John found your article my freind David caght one in bloominton Illinois
  3. These are tied on a euro jig Solted tungsten bead- 3.5 mm Euro jig size 12 barbless Tail- mink Body- golden brown ice dub and mink Collar- golden brown ice dub
  4. Yes I can. I'll have to find some. Hold on
  5. I've hooked 3 carp on a mink and ice dub golden brown. Jig. 1/80 oz jig head, mink for the tail and mink and golden brown ice dub mixture. I will say I never landed one. But it was loads of fun.
  6. I never tryed the mop fly of any kind yet. Still on a wet fly and streamer fly kick. Also I've been tying winged wet flies. Also been tying salmon / steelhead flies. Here is a couple shady lady's. I tied one on a traditional up eye hook and a couple on a wet fly hook. Shady lady Hook- 2 to 12 Thread- black Tag- silver ( oval used). Butt- chartuce yarn Tail- black hen Rib- fine silver oval Body- black floss. Hackle- natural black hen Can't load a picture but I'll try later.
  7. Rob that looks tasty. Here's a feather wing black ghost I tied a few minutes ago
  8. Cool fly I hope you caght loads of bass on that. So is the fly all synthetic your useing? Or are there any natural materials in the fly its self?
  9. Thouse flies looks simple and effective. Am sure you will catch with them. Hope they work out for.
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