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  1. Thanks for the channel update. I dont know how to work a zoom. Never downloaded the app but maybe I should. My question is how meny people can participate and is it free ?
  2. Was out twice today.  There are loads of ponds here in Bloomington IL.  1 time nothing then later on caght some bluegill, largemouth, red ear and had a blast.  I am a fly fishermen for the most part.  I was useing a fly called Austin, it's a wet fly and was created in Wales.  The fly is simple here is the fly. Mite post a picture later



    Hook-Wet fly hook size 6to 14


    Rib-gold or silver

    Body-gold/silver  mayler or tinsel

    Body or palmered hackle-red brown or ginger

    Wing- bronze mallard 




  3. Brown part that comes from the buckatil. Even if died is good for tails, wings or shucks on meny types of flies
  4. I tie flies that are not used much in America. I am Welsh, Irish and German heratidge. I have serval good books from a book company in the u.k. I will provide a link. Far as materials some are already in the USA. I'll also provide links I use to buy u.k tying supply from Tying stuff,- https://www.lathkill.com/index.php?shopping_cart=yes https://www.lakelandflytying.com/ Great source for birds with feathers. https://www.cookshill-flytying.co.uk/ Books https://www.anglebooks.com/
  5. I want to know if any one had experience with a rig kit called an ultra rig. I think people who bass with baitcasters with bass jigs is an example some can relate too. As some may know my tying is getting more wide every year. Meaning my flies I tie and different styles of flies expands every year I tie. So with that being said. I've been tying traditional steelhead/ salmon style flies and used some to catch largemouth and small mouth bass. But this year my interest is in things like trout spey, swing flies, shank flies, things of that nature. I was wondering if anyone on here who tie fl
  6. I've tied crawfish before I lve used a size 10 jig hook used for comp anglers. Here is the recipe. I don't got a picture but do have two versions Size 10 jig hook with 60 degree bend eye Olive crawfish Tail- Coyote or similar hair Body- black and olive chenllie Rib- thread or wire of chouse Body- hackle- barred ginger or grizzly Front hackle- phrase rump Eyes - brass dumbbells in black or gold Rusty orange crawfish Hook size 10 jig hook Thread- fire orange 6/0 Tail- brown Marabou Body- polar chenllie in hot o
  7. Thanks everyone here are some I've been catching bass on. Caght two large mouth bass yesterday in a pond I've been fishing 18+ years. I got loads of fox and coyote and some flash in the jigs. The bass where less than a pound but still fun. The jig on the left is like what I caght the bass on. It's coyote tail and some flash from deer creek.
  8. Hello my name is Colin I live in Central IL. I've been tying for about 10 years. And I was wondering if you spin or baitcast fishermen and women , if anyone would like to share some color combos and size of jig head you fish with. I don't tie to much far as jigs go. But again I would like to know what size jig head the size hook people use. Also would like to know where to buy good jig heads since I don't pour my own and don't have proper equipment to do so. I fish mainly ponds for crappie, bluegill and largemouth bass and every now and then creeks for carp and smallmouth bass. I do also f
  9. I think a $35 to $45 vice, thread in a 140 to 210 size threads, cutters and enough stuff to tie two flies they want to tie.
  10. It just started snowing here. I've tied so meny flies for the spring. I'll probably join you at famous davies today if you're up for it
  11. I recently got a whole butch and ringneck pheasant feathers. We should try to tie a cockatoo. What you think rob? http://www.warmwaterflytyer.com/patterns4.asp?page=3
  12. I would like to go but kind of confused with the directions
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