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hog farms

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saw on the news of two possible hog farms wanting to build in winnebago county.    one is 5k hogs .     same story  agriculture says all the waste will be contained in pits and spread on fields as fertilizer . they did mention sugar creek.  

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31 minutes ago, Paul Trybul said:

So their solution to the manure problem is to spread it in the fields in the fall and give it all Fall, Winter and early spring to run off into the rivers?

On a trip to Madison VA there was a field along I90 that was getting a fresh layer of manure. Talk about stink. Very offensive smell. Horrible.

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23 minutes ago, Mark K said:

I saw this message from the Driftless Angler.  Timber Coulee.  I never fished it but I did ride my bike thru the area. It's freaking beautiful. 



i was just looking at that site last week, getting curious about chasing trout.


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  • 2 months later...

From their Citizens Against Hog Factory Farms Facebook page...

Here is a brief update on the progress of two 5000 hog factories (CAFOs) planned for the area. 

Both CAFOs were to be in operation by September 15, 2020 as indicated on MorAgra’s application submitted to the Department of Agriculture in May of this year.
The rumors that the project has been cancelled are not true. We believe that MorAgra is just waiting until residents in our area  lose interest and stop with pressure on elected officials and various regulatory agencies.
Since we cannot stop MorAgra from moving CAFOs into our area, our goal is to tighten the site and construction requirements that MorAgra will have to meet before they get their application approved.  We have had some success with the Department of Natural Resources revising their site approval that will make the project more complicated to execute.
The Illinois Department of Agriculture is aware and impressed with the number of Township and County Resolutions, petitions and business opposition letters already submitted by our group. 
But we still need to keep the pressure on. WE NEED YOUR HELP: Write letters to officials and various agencies.  Our website nocafoil.com has all the information including sample letters on the Urgent page. Don’t forget to send a copy to nocafoil@gmail.com. We will add your letter to our file for our cause with the IDOA. 
Also help us put together email contact list. Simply email nocafoil@gmail.com and indicate it is for the contact list. Ask your friends and neighbors to sign petitions. We need more signatures.  Call us at 815-275-5488 if you have any suggestions or questions.



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