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Sili Bugger

Tom L

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I started out wanted to tie Allen Sherman’s Fuzzy Grub that I witnessed the Menominee’s smallies couldn’t resist while fishing with him this year on the ISA Road trip, but I didn’t not have any EP Tarantura brush on hand.  So I substituted the EP Tarantura brush with chenille and hackle.  The finished fly was basically a Wooly Bugger with silicon rubber tail instead of the traditional marabou tail.  Next, I thought maybe adding eyes would make the fly looks much more buggier.  So it turned into this fly: The Sili Bugger.

Not sure if the fly already exists in another name, because it's basically a Wooly Bugger with silicon rubber leg tail and eyes.

Sili Bugger1.jpg

Sili Bugger2.jpg

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17 hours ago, rich mc said:

yery nice  what size is the hook

Rich, I experimented with both size 2 & 4.  In the top picture, 2 of those flies were size 2 and the other 2 were size 4.  The hooks were Mustad Ultrapoint 32833NP-BN 2 Extra Strong.  They are 90deg jig hooks.

Thanks for the compliments everyone.  Can't wait to try it out.

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I've tied crawfish before I lve used a size 10 jig hook  used for comp anglers.  Here is the recipe. I don't got a picture but do have two versions 


Size 10 jig hook with 60 degree bend eye

Olive crawfish

Tail- Coyote or similar hair 

Body- black and olive chenllie 

Rib- thread or wire of chouse

Body- hackle-  barred ginger or grizzly

Front hackle- phrase rump

Eyes - brass dumbbells in black or gold


Rusty orange crawfish

Hook size 10 jig hook 

Thread- fire orange 6/0

Tail- brown Marabou

Body- polar chenllie in hot orange

Body hackle- barred ginger

Rib wire or thread

Front hackle- pheasant rump

Eyes gold brass


I'll try to find pictures


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