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On the Belize trip the guide broke my 10' Echo3 flyrod trying to put it in a 9' rod holder on his boat.After returning I sent it to Rajeff Sports for repair via USPS to save a few $ instead of UPS or FEDX.The rod was lost in transit apparently because the address label they attached came off.After all this time it became obvious that the search request I'd initiated was pointless and that my only recourse was to file a claim for the lousy $50 USPS would be liable for




against the $350 rod,400 with tax/shipping.For the hell of it I called Rajeff yesterday on the remotest of chance that the rod had actually been delivered to them per my search instructions to USPS w/o instructing them who it was from.Knowing what the answer would be I wouldn't've even made the call to Vancouver Wa. if long distance charges had applied.After listening to my tale of woe and taking down my name etc the warranty guy put me on hold.To my astonishment he came back to say that for the $35 warranty charge they'd send me a new rod!!!

I would take it as a personal favor if any of you ISA flyguys planning to get a new rod would consider the Rajeff offerings and letting other flyguys you know of my experience.

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Wow that's something. Lifetime and low cost warranties are so important especially for fly rods. Which reminds me my reddington torrent needs to go back. Boy I was checking out an IoN at cabelas last year and I came oh so close to buying it. Great rod for the price but I couldn't justify adding a 5th rod at that time.

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