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  1. When i retire in a few years and leave Illinois it will have nothing to do with the corrupt politics, super high taxes, dismal financial state massive debt, etc it will be because of the archaic stupid non navigable river laws, over channelized waters, and less protective fishing laws. Lack of public acess on the more rural waters is one thing that is understandable but the trespass law is archaeic and i doubt that will change in my lifetime.
  2. Joe R

    Kish open?

    He did ask me to come to back of his car he popped the trunk. It was just NED rigs and jerk baits I felt safe.
  3. Joe R

    Kish open?

    Yep open thanks ran into a guy named Paul T coercing smallies dragging NEDe
  4. Any of you fine folks been by the kish recently and know if its mostly open please share As in no major ice bergs....thinking about a paddle sunday or monday. Typically ice upriver skinny but farther downstream maybe okay
  5. I missed blowout but I will give this a go....first timer
  6. Go up to door county they have close in wrecks with clearer water there have done a fair amount of swimming up there when water is warmer say from mid July through early September have seen countless smallies that is when you understand the concept of schooling hooligan bass who roam. They cover a lot of water.
  7. I will be family camping at sugar river county park with in laws for a few nights starting Saturday , location influenced by my selfish desire to fish sugar and rock. Couldn't imagine fishing there though will be a serious river blowout anything originating way north Illinois or Wisconsin. Crazy I recently fished turtle creek in Wisconsin at about 130 cfs and now it's like 3000 cfs
  8. Boone county Fair with wife is current plans. I fished south branch today upriver. Wow very very low could use some rain. Lots of dead moss coming up from bottom now floating on top very irratating.
  9. Nice. Guess I missed this one, was traveling anyways. That stained thing seems to be going on with some other streams longer then usual.
  10. I sized up bought a 11 instead of 10. Used them for first time this evening not very good in mud but I'm going to love them for the right scenarios since super light and comfy and will be good for hot weather. They will dry very quickly.
  11. Rivers and lakes for pike and largemouth I always carry a few bladed chatter jigs with large grub or swimbait trailers. Especially if water is stained or there is weeds present. Smallies fishing I never throw bladed jigs, there are better options. Something about that blade thumping can really trigger reaction strikes though....
  12. I just tossed a pair of my wading boots in garbage yesterday falling apart not fixable. How is the sizing on these boots just right or size up or down?
  13. I bought a Sportrack SR 1002 roof rack to toss on my older Corolla. Its not Aero but its all metal and its solid and most importantly grabs the car so well there is no way it can come off. For SOTs they are flat top for the most part all I do is flip the yak over so hull is up and I lay it on top of cross bars. I have rubber wrapped around the cross bars. I use good yakima straps and a good method of strapping the yak down I could drive 80mph into a 20mph wind no worries. Rock solid. No way I would pay $450 dollars for a yakima or thule roof rack plus 100-200 for a kayak holder, its
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