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Say It Aint So

Mike G

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Though I enjoyed all the articles the last issue of the Bronzeback, rich’s resignation caught me by surprise. I was sorry to see that. Some old sayings come to mind:


“It had to come.”


“All good things come to an end.”


So I pause to acknowledge some of his accomplishments. rich is humble; he never capitalizes his first name. He has served a long time as an officer for the ISA supporting all its activities. He has been a great support for the NW Region and its activities. He was instrumental in getting a western region going. He was a regular in the booth at outdoor shows which he often personally set up the night before. That’s a few things.


From my point of view, I am especially impressed with his Bass bugger activity. Our connection through fly fishing antedates my membership in the ISA. We co-hosted a fly fishing forum on Jungle Jim’s long gone Angling 101 site. Eventually that led to me joining the ISA-a really good move thanks to rich. rich shared his fly tying passion through local events and via the Bassbugger forums on the website. He is generous in sharing his new patterns and new discoveries in materials. He introduced me to bohemian chenille for starts. His Gabe Frog, Shannon Minnow, and Ultimate Worm got national attention. :rolleyes:


He aint done yet. I am hoping his retirement from office frees him to create new fly designs and discover more innovative materials all of which he will share with us.

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Let's not forget that Rich has done stellar work behind the scenes for conservation and smallmouth habitat. Very well-respected among our peers in this regard. Illinois rivers and streams are better off due to his diligence and hard work. To say I'm proud to have worked with Rich is an understatement.

As well, his dedication toward educating young anglers was tireless and consistent over these many years. I tip my hat to one of the finest people I've had the great pleasure of knowing.

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