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Daybreak on the River

John Gillio

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Thanks guys.


Love it John.


Are the whitebass active in that spot yet?

Tom, whites have been poor on the river this fall. I'm glad you are finding them on the Fox. Enjoy it. A friend of mine has been doing really well for walleye on the Fox too. That river is really coming along as a fishery. It was nice to see all of the shad in Eric's recent post. That can only be good for the fishery.

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Beautiful scene, John. That natural beauty brings warmth and peace into one's soul. You appear to have a great appreciation and understanding of how special this natural resource is. And to think that you can catch fish there is even more mind-blowing!

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Thanks again guys.


I am blessed to be in a scenic part of the state. It can be overrun by people at times. It is predicted that 4-5 million people will have passed through Starved Rock and Matthiessen State parks by years end. I can't blame them for wanting to take advantage of a good thing. Seeing the posts of other members shows that we can find some natural beauty in our own back yards. There is even a beauty in urban settings as Erick has shown in many of his posts. I can only hope that as a country we can continue toward improving our environment through conservation efforts and not move backwards to the days when rivers like the Fox and Illinois were just dumping grounds for industry. A healthy environment is crucial to our survival and the survival of all of our planets inhabitants. As Sam says, "Natural beauty brings warmth and peace into one's soul".

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