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Building a better mouse........not mousetrap

Rob G

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Thanks Eugene, last night we had 4 tornadoes move thru the area and sent our rivers into flood stage. So tonight I took my little rodent over to a nearby strip pit and did manage to catch 4 small greenies on it. It proved once again that only I can tie a size 2 extra long fly and still catch a size 16 bass on it. The marriage of the spun deer hair head/collar and the cross cut rabbit for the body worked OK but I'll continue to play with it.

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Learn how to tie a down & dirty. Sits lower in the water. Lasted 4 or 5

greenies at shabbona. Tied a couple others with 4 rubber legs tied together

as the tail.


While the rivers are coming down throw tight to the shore. Standing up river

From a down tree, just floating it upstream from a large branch.



Enough talking for me. I gonna fish the dam for a bit.

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Thanks Eugene for the tips, I'm terrible at fishing high and muddy water.

Btw, the rodent was on fire last night, over 20 greenies from a nearby strip but unfortunately only one decent fish at 2 lbs., the rest were all dinks. I forgot my floatant and after a bunch of fish, no matter how many false casts, couldn't get the waterlogged deer hair dry enough to float the rearward rabbit hair.

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Watch out Mr. Bass, "Rat Patrol" is comin', not that I'm old enough to actually remember that show unlike some of you old farts : )

btw, first test of that hackle tail make for better movement and less weight than some earlier suede like materials.

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