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"R" bend versus "Looped" wire on spinnerbaits??

Robert P

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When I tie direct, which is most of the time, I like the R because it can untangle itself if the line loops around the spinner arm. And it is a little more sleek going through junk.


I use a looped eye when using a wire leader for toothies. Or I close off the open loop of the R by slipping a skirt collar over it or wrapping the gap with thread ending with a wip finish.

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No brainer. Loop. No idea why any manufacture wouldn't have a loop. Since I have LADD (Lure Attention Deficit Disorder) I'm always switching up presentations so I use snaps excluslively with exception of some cases where I want to direct tie onto some presentation like a jig/grub where I know I'm specifically targeting smallies and that rod would be dedicated for that purpose.


For the R spinner baits I dont use them as is.... I tie wire around them and make my own loop. Hassle it it is but needs to be done.


If your throwing spinner baits that's an example where you're apt to be tossing other things also that day...inline spinners, crankbaits, top-water, etc so you are probably rigged with a snap.

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