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Sub-surface ISA Fly Swap - Due March 31, 2014

Forrest Miller

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Ladies and gentlemen, it seems that the top water fly swap that Rob is hosting has went over quite well here. There was some buzz about doing a sub-surface swap so I wanted to step up and be the one to host. Rich will tell you that I have hosted a number of swaps on other sites in the past. Last year, Rich and I participated in a swap that I hosted where 6 guys committed to swapping flies once per month the entire year. We had different categories each month. I told Rich that I was going to take some time off from doing fly swaps, but I miss getting those little packages of flies in the mail. I like the idea of doing this here because we will all get flies that are proven winners on the rivers in our state! We will keep this one very general. If the fly is meant to be fished below the surface, it is fair game for this swap. As always the general rules apply. I will outline them below in case some of you will be doing your first swap.





1) Flies must arrive to my house by March 31, 2014. This means you should allow time for the post office to lose your package, find it, and then get it to me. Just kidding, I have only ever had one package lost in the mail in 3 years of doing swaps. But please, do consider the time it takes to get through the mail system. It makes for a much more enjoyable swap when everyone turns their flies in on time!


2) Please toe-tag your flies. You can either write it up or type it up. Since this is an all Illinois only community, I think it would be nice if you put on the toe tag the following: your username, the city in which you live, your "home river" that you fish the most, and the name of the fly.


3) Send your flies in a crush proof box. If you would, please write your name on the box. Included in the package will be another envelope with STAMPS attached to cover the return postage. You should self address your return envelope. Stamps is in all caps because this is important. The post office will not accept packages that have those printed off metered strips because they have a date on them.


4) When finished with your fly, please post the name and recipe here. I would like to take pictures and put them all up in the Bassbugger Member Submissions section of the website.


So, I would like to ask 10 tyers, plus myself to be in this swap. Each person will tie 10 flies. You will not get one of your own flies back! If you send 11 flies I will assume you are saying "thanks" for hosting the swap and will use that fly this season until can't be fished anymore!


Please let me know the name of the fly you wish to tie, so that we don't end up with 10 Clouser Minnows. I will put the name of your fly next to your name on this list.


Send me a PM when you are ready to send your flies and I will send you my address!


1)ForrestM - Swapmeister - TeQueely - FINISHED - Got 'em!

2)Ryan Kral - Holschlag Hackle Fly - RECEIVED

3)Rob G. - Crazy Charlie (variation) - RECEIVED - Got 'em!

4)tgoodmanii - Clouser - RECEIVED - Got 'em!

5)Richmc - Double Stuffed Flash Fly - RECEIVED

6)Tom L - Loomudclouski - RECEIVED - Got 'em!

7)Bart D - Tom' Foxy Crawdad - RECEIVED - Got 'em! ALL FLIES IN ON TIME!!!!!!!

8)Mike G - R/W Prop - RECEIVED - Got 'em!

9)Jim Wright - Screwy Rabbit - RECEIVED

10)Colt Johnson - Slumpbuster - RECEIVED

11)Mark Lutz - Autumn Splendor - RECEIVED

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I'm in. I should have the prior Topwater swap wrapped up within the next few days.


I would like to contribute a fly that I've been tying for over 10 years now and though it's similar to a Crazy Charlie, over the years I've adapted it to my Smallmouth needs. It's one of the three flies that I never leave home without and one of the best baitfish imitations that I've used. It's adaptable in size, color and weight for many fresh and salt water needs. I love it because it presents a larger fly appearance yet is light enough in weight that I can easily cast it using my 5 weight rods. Oh and did I mention that it's simple to tie, which is invaluable because my wife always claims I'm a simple man or was that a simpleton?


Thanks for hosting ForrestM

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Alright guys we need three more people to fill this swap up. Did you all see the pictures from the topwater swap? I can honestly say that the talent in that swap was the best of any swap I have participated in! You won't want to miss this one either! Plenty of time left to tie your flies!



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