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  1. We are at a record pace on selling Bronzeback Blowout tickets this year. Make sure to get yours before the event space is sold out! We don't want anyone to miss out, but there is a cap on how many people are allowed inside the banquet space. It only takes two minutes to get your tickets. Just click this link...
  2. You should have received details about The Early Show in the 9/24 electronic publication of the ISA Feedbag. In case you did not, here is the flyer with the information about the show. See you there!
  3. Sometimes playing ignorant and being apologetic is the best option. Oh I am sorry sir. My apologies sir. I hope you have a blessed day sir. If being charming doesn't work, always make sure you are packing in case things hit the fan! Ignore that last part.... I am jut an old hillbilly from KY.
  4. I will be there on Saturday as well. I will likely get there between 830 and 0900. -Forrest
  5. Can you help at this event? Please let us know! No experience required. FISHING DAY 2018 Twelfth Annual Sgt. Tommy's Kids Family Fishing Day Sgt. Tommy's Kids is proud to announce our Twelfth Annual Family Fishing Day, created to teach children about the outdoors. It is our mission – and our privilege – to encourage children to Take it Outside! When: Saturday June 16, 2018 from 9am to noon. (Check-in begins at 8am) Where: Herrick Lake in Wheaton, IL Who: Children 3-15 years Why: To promote youth appreciation and education of the outdoors The Family Fishing Day is completely free, hosted in appreciation of services provided by military, police and fire personnel. Each registered child will receive a brand new fishing pole and tackle kit to enjoy the rest of the summer as you remember to "Take it Outside!"
  6. Bart, are we using members boats? I assume you don't mean kayaks.... -Forrest
  7. I live literally 3 minutes from where you were planning on fishing. It is NASTY out there. It has been pouring down since 5am. Good call on the reschedule!
  8. CHAPTER MEETINGS ARE SCHEDULED AT 7:00 P.M. SEPTEMBER THROUGH MAY at the Oak Brook Recreation Center, Central Park West building near 31st Street and Jorie Blvd. In Oak Brook, Illinois. Meetings are typically scheduled on the third Wednesday of every month (except June, July and August). MEMBERSHIP MEETING, WEDNESDAY, MAY 16, 7-9 P.M. Speaker: Guide Mike Allen of Midwest Waters Angling Co. “Fly fishing for smallmouth bass in the streams in the greater Chicago region (Rock River, Illinois River, Fox River, Kankakee River, Des Plaines River, & DuPage River)” 7 p.m. Come early for a 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. social hour and grilled brats, chips and beverages before our 7 p.m. meeting. Guests are welcome.
  9. Alot of kids these days are missing positive role models and father figures. Also, alot of parents were never taught the outdoors. It is our job as sportsmen to help educate the general population before being sportsmen is a thing of the past. Kudos to anyone willing to take a kid fishing, whether it is their kid or someone else's.
  10. Keep it simple. Bobber, Hook, Worms, Zebco, and take him to a place where he will catch fish no matter if they are 3 inches long. If she is asking you to do this she sees a role model in you. Likely the kid does not have a father figure in his life, and that's important to a 9 year old boy, as in really really important. Stop and get him a snack and a pop. Any snack and any pop he wants, even if it is chocolate and Mt. Dew. My best piece of advice is this; Leave all of your electronic devices in the truck. That goes for both of you. Just have fun. Find some frogs, skip rocks, sit at a picnic table and just chat. He will be hooked easier than you think.
  11. Guide Mike Allen to Speak on "Illinois Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass" at Oak Brook Trout Unlimited Meeting, May 16 at 7 p.m. Guide Mike Allen of Midwest Waters Angling will speak on "Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass in the greater Chicago and Northern Illinois Area" which will include the Kankakee, Fox, Des Plaines, DuPage Illinois and Rock Rivers at 7 p.m. at the Oak Brook Recreation Center Central Park West Building. The meeting is open to the public. There is no admission. Growing up in Illinois, the DuPage River Fly Tying Club became a mainstay in Mike's fishing and fly tying, and he has remained closely involved for the past 20 years. Mike now makes his home in the Fox River Valley. His home waters of the Fox and DuPage Rivers are two of the many watersheds in northern Illinois that he has come to learn and love. Mike has fished these rivers extensively over the years, and looks forward to sharing all of these truly special waters with you. Mike enjoys all kinds of fishing, but specializes in warm water fly fishing for native smallmouth bass, carp, and pike.
  12. Hi everyone. I wanted to inform you that we now have a Facebook "Group", in addition to our Facebook page. Basically, the page is the official Facebook for the ISA. The Facebook Group is more of a hangout where anyone can post, and it is much easier! The link to our Facebook Group is https://www.facebook.com/groups/1593399057410727/ Please join our group, and we look forward to this new way of corresponding!
  13. What brand are your waders? I have a pair of Simms G3's that needed some TLC after 3 years. I sent them back to Simms and for a measley $40 they repaired leaks, even ones I didn't know existed, replaced the booties and the gravel guards. They are just like brand new! Maybe your manufacturer has a repair program?
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