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  1. Tom, FYI, all three Walleyes(two very tiny ones) were caught on your old standbye tandem setup. I was using a chartreuse/white clouser, and one of your CF Muddlers that you gave to me, also chart./white. We were throwing muskie flies on 10wts for the most part, but our last spot we switched to the 8wts for a last chance smallie. Didnt see any smallies, we thought maybe a fish or two may have been mixed in with all the carp in a good stretch. Ryan
  2. It really wasn't much work. I'd say we were both just out on the water to be out of the house, not really expecting to catch many fish. Next time we will come prepared for all those carp, that Walleye didnt put much bend in the 8wt! Thanks for getting me out of the house. Ryan
  3. I guarantee that would move fish, as is or bigger, but I would definitely try and get a little more length. One guys says pink, one says orange, one only fishes purples or red and blacks, who knows?! I personally dont think it matters so much as just getting it in the right spot at the right time. Although, I prefer the brighter flies because I like seeing my fly on the retrieve in those stained waters. Thats a good looking fly though, I'd fish it! Funny thing is, although I've had plenty of chances with a muskie, my only muskie in the boat came on a chart/white 3" clouser while bass fishing in WI!
  4. Hey Jonn, if you get a chance sometime, try a 450 on that rod. Thats what I did with Mike's Beulah, and its a night and day difference. Never used that Echo, but the Beulah is a very fast. I was told by a couple guides up North to try the SA Wet Tip Express 450 grain, and I did. I couldnt be happier with the way it cast, and it could easily be used in a lake setting as well. It gets down quick, but you can control it on the river because you are stripping those flies quick. Its on sale on Amazon for $41, as of a couple days ago anyways. Ryan
  5. I like that one, pretty much a Beauford fly minus the feathers, which is what I was fishing a lot up north. I love the spun head, pushes so much more water. I spin my heads pretty thin so they dont want to float so much, but would still bob a bit on my short pause between strips which is perfect with the sink tip. I like the colors. I fished orange, chartreuse, yellow, olive, etc. Didnt seem to make a huge difference, they would just strike as a reaction the second the fly hit the water. Now if I could only keep one hooked more than a second! Nice flies, happy huntings! Ryan
  6. Nice one Jonn. I like the use of the peacock hearl, looks good. Ryan
  7. I agree with Tom, if you can afford it. I will say though, that 5 wt Three Forks rod is a moderate action, its a pretty soft rod. I would be careful up sizing that line, especially since some of the Bass Tapers are already a half size heavy, and loaded towards the tip. Just my experience from owning that same rod. Ryan
  8. I would check out the new Temple Fork Outfitters lines. They are very cheap, and supposedly pretty good lines. Practice will give her more distance than any line. Ryan http://www.madriveroutfitters.com/p-8554-tfo-fly-line.aspx
  9. Hey guys, still have my 8wt Ross Flystik rod for sale $80, and I also have a Redington Pursuit 9wt for sale $60. Both are in great shape. Message me or comment if interested.
  10. Oh yeah, throw on anything up to a 20hp outboard and it's a great lake boat, or pond jumper with the trolling motor. It'll also get you places on a river a drift boat never would. Can you tell I'm happy with mine! Ryan
  11. Just a heads up. Chris Willen, a musky fly guide up in the Hayward area is selling his towee rivermaster, with rowing frame and pro trailer. He's getting a new one. Boats in good shape. If anyone's interested, look up his guide service on google, or message me and I'll get a hold of him. No idea how much he's asking, but I bet it's a great deal. This boat opens up a whole lot of fishing opportunities. I've done a few awesome floats since getting mine in May, and plenty of local water to float too.
  12. I'm just trying to figure out why you left Missoula, MT! Just kidding, my parents and sis live in Missoula, so I have a place to visit and fish every year, but its a little easier to make a living here in the Midwest! The rainbow in my profile pic is from the bitteroot on a float a few years ago. Ryan
  13. I've fished these with my BVK 6wt just fine, they don't weigh much. Ryan
  14. Yep, havent seen the new wrap on their site yet. Ryan
  15. I re trimmed the tail too, it was a little big in those photos.
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