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Time to Make the Swim jigs

Jonn Graham

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Great looking jigs! Could you show us some with your favorite trailers attached?

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Only one type of trailer I use...............swim baits from Big Hammer. When I get back to school, I will try to post a picture of the whole package. By the way, when you buy swim jigs from me, you get Big Hammer tails for free!!! Just got a big shipment of tails in today from California.


Big Hammer is an advertiser in our newsletter.

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This is a naked unashamed blatantly commercial endorsement of Jonn's swimjig. Why should a person who has all the equipment and skills to make a swimjig buy Jonn's? Because they are so darn good.

At his presentation in Rockford I came to see all the work Jonn puts into the things. It begins when his elf hand pours the leadhead on a premium hook. That includes putting in a second tiny hook to hold the traiker. In the picture of the Bucketmouth you can kinda see that hook next to the hookshank directly below the hook point.

But there's more. Jonn personally does a bangup job of powderpainting, baking, and clearcoating the jighead. And more. there's a secret way Jonn ties on the skirt materials to make them puffy. Finally there's the weed guard made from an exact numder of mono strands-not too little, not too much.

Let's not forget Jonn's honesty. Notice that in the article he describes five of the six finishes as attractive to fishermen and one, the shad, as a fish catcher.

Bottom line you gotta buy a Shad Pattern for the fish and a couple others because they're so darn pretty.

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